Elizabeth Coyle

Bedford County Fair Board President Jim Edwards looks at the bare and blackened wall of the conference room at the fairgrounds Friday. The wal…

Bedford County Fair Board president Jim Edwards points to the corner of the fair offices at the county fairgrounds where the electrical panel …

The hallway at the Bedford County Fairgrounds office is blackened and the wood from the roof is charred from the Aug. 6 fire.

This eight-point buck was found Wednesday in a Taylor Township, Fulton County, field. The Pa. Game Commission is seeking information on the in…

A winter tire tread is shown. Tire maintenance is not only good for fuel savings, it is very important for passenger safety.

A trailer containing watercraft is shown. Trailers are essential for hauling but also sometimes tricky to use.

Drivers may haul trailers for a variety of reasons. Some may haul trailers on vacation, while others may do so when moving to a new home.

You’re asked to connect recording artists to their country hits in this week’s trivia. Try to do it without searching the internet.

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