As we wrap up the history of Bedford boys’ track and field for now, I thought we should look at the coaches during that time.

I do not know who the coaches were in the early days from 1928-1932, a time with some of Bedford’s greatest athletes.

There was no track teams from 1933 until 1937 and then off and on until the early 1960s.

I started teaching and coaching at Bedford in the fall of 1966 and have helped with track since the spring of 1967, mostly as an assistant but also as the head coach for 13 years.

Bedford’s Track & Field Head Coaches

Name # of Years Years Record

Bob Baker 2 1967-68 7-8-0

Paul Kolander 2 1969-70 8-10-0

Bill Creps 7 1971-77 27-48-0

Bob Costello 3 1978-80 8-12-0

Bill Creps 1 1981 4-2-0

Bob Shank 13 1982-94 136-81-0

Bill Creps 5 1995-99 54-15-2

Bill Clark 2 2000-01 24-14

Brian Creps 18 2002-20 204-46-3

Total 442-208-5

Bill Creps’ Total 13 years 85-69-2

Shank coached three District 5 Championship teams, while Brian Creps coached 12 District 5 Championship teams along with seven Laurel Highland Athletic Conference Championships

I have enjoyed every year of coaching track and have coached every event. We did not have track and field at Bedford when I went there, but every year we had a track and field day.

I remember throwing a rock that I thought weighed around 12 pounds while I was doing the milking to get ready for the day. I hit one of the cows and thought I broke its leg. After a couple days, it was fine.

I am still thinking of writing a track and field book. I will let everyone know if I decide to do lt.

The next column will be mostly, if not all, devoted to the girls.

Until next time God Bless.

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