Here is a look at the Bedford Girls sprinters in the 100, 200, and 400 throughout the school’s history.

100 Meter Dash

When is came for a “need for speed”, Trina Pensyl (1980) had lots and some to spare in most races. Trina was a tremendous competitor and a three-time district champion (1978-80). In those days the girls wore the blue tops with the diagonal slash of white.

Running this fast while working on the old cinder track shows that Trina’s speed stands the test of time. Her record has held for 40 years.

Trina returned several years to help out Bedford coach’s Kathy Heinze-Criswell and Bill Letrent as an assistant coach from 1983-86. Trina was a big part of the early years of Bedford girls’ track.

Brandi Harris is second on the list. She is more known for her jumping, but when it came to running, she ran like the wind. April (Arnold) Becker is third on the list and made all three lists in the article. She was a district champion in 1994. She currently helps with Bedford’s junior high track and field team.

Ashley Waugerman comes in fourth on the list and rounds out the girls that have run under 13.00 FAT. Ashley once ran a 4.7 40-yard dash at speed camp. This beat most of the boys on the football team that year. She was quick and was a district champion in 2011.

A special shoutout for Kim May. Any girl that can still be on the list for 43 years has obviously stood the test of time. She was a special girl on the early girls’ teams at Bedford, and her time in 1977 is eighth all-time at Bedford.

The other district champion on the list is Evie Shade in 1998

200 Meter Dash

For 38 years, Pensyl held the 200-meter record until a tall, lean, dark curly-haired girl broke the record 2018.

That girl was Jaden Fuller and dabbled in the 100 rarely, but the 200 was her race. Jaden ran the school record of 26.30 FAT in districts and needed ever hundredth of a second to win a very close race. Jaden’s body type was just perfect for the 200 for she was quite tall. She had a tremendous career, landing herself on four of Bedford’s individual top 10 lists. She is currently on the volleyball team at IUP.

Pensyl is second and was a three-time district champion in 1978-80.

Waugerman (District Champion in 2011), (Arnold) Becker, and Harris round out top five on the list. Shade is ninth on the list and was also a district champion in 1998.

Christie Ritchey, sixth on the list, was also part of the school-record holding 3200-meter relay team from 2004. She had a unique blend of speed and endurance and also made all three lists for the sprinters.

400 Meter Dash

Brittany Beland tops the list of the 400 meters. Brittany broke the school record at the state meet in 2006. She was another girl with a great blend of speed and endurance. Brittany rarely ran the 400 as a senior, concentrating more on longer races. Brittany ran cross country for Bucknell University.

Next up were (Arnold) Becker and Ritchey in second and third on the list. Carrie Baker, who was a middle distance beast, comes in fourth. Carrie was known for her tremendous completive nature. She would do what ever it took to be the winner of a race. Genny Washington is fifth on the list, but she was known more for her great leaping abilities.

Time will only tell where a young Natalie Lippincott may end up on the list. She was a sophomore this year and was primed to run faster than last year.

Another special shoutout goes out to a girl that has stood the test of time, Leslie Delaney. Leslie was part of building the middle-distance history of the girls’ track team.

District 5 champions from Bedford include: Delaney (1983), Washington (1992), (Arnold) Becker (1993), Ritchey (2004), and Beland (2006).

Bedford Girls’ Track Top 10 Lists 100 meters (100 Yards)

Rank Year Runners Time

1 1980 Trina Pensyl 12.64 ©

2 2009 Brandi Harris 12.89 FAT

3 1994 April Arnold 12.94©

4 2011 Ashley Waugerman 12.97 FAT

5 2015 Jaden Fuller 13.12 FAT

6 1998 Evie Shade 13.14©

7 2004 Christie Ritchey 13.24 ©

8 1977 Kim May 13.39© y

9 1999 Nicki Weyant 13.44©

10 2018 Madi Suder 13.54 FAT

200 Meters (220 Yards)

Rank Year Runners Time

1 2018 Jaden Fuller 26.30 FAT

2 1980 Trina Pensyl 26.54©

3 2011 Ashley Waugerman 27.10 FAT

4 1994 April Arnold 27.14©

5 2008 Brandi Harris 27.17 FAT

6 2004 Christie Ritchey 27.34©

7 2005 Katie Henderson 27.64 ©

8 2000 Beth Kendall 27.74©

9 1998 Evie Shade 27.74©

10 1996 Kristi Sharbaugh 27.74©

400 Meters (440 Yards)

Rank Year Runners Time

1 2006 Brittany Beland; 1:00.23 FAT

2 1992 April Arnold 1:01.14 ©

3 2004 Christie Ritchey 1:01.31 FAT

4 2012 Carrie Baker 1:01.35 FAT

5 1992 Genny Washington 1:01.84©

6 2018 Lindsay Seifert 1:02.34 FAT

7 2009 Chelsea Diehl 1:02.39 FAT

8 2019 Natalie Lippincott 1:02.44 FAT

9 2000 Beth Kendall 1:02.84©

10 1983 Leslie Delaney 1:02.94©

FAT – Fully Automatic Time

© — Converted from Handheld to FAT

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