Seedings and brackets were released on Wednesday for the upcoming NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships which will be held in Pittsburgh.

Defending team champion Penn State has three top seeds in Jason Nolf (157), Mark Hall (174), and Bo Nickal (197).

The other top seeds are Northwestern’s Sebastian Rivera (125), Oklahoma State’s Daton Fix (133), Cornell’s Yianni Diakomihalis (141), Rutgers’ Anthony Ashnault (149), Iowa’s Alex Marinelli (165), Ohio State’s Myles Martin (184), and Oklahoma State’s Derek White (285).

Lehigh and Ohio State are the only schools to have a national qualifier in all 10 weight classes.

Below are the top eight seeds in each bracket. The tournament begins next Thursday at PPG Paints Arena.

2019 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships Seedings (Top eight) 125

1. Sebastian Rivera, Northwestern

2. Nick Piccininni, Oklahoma State

3. Spencer Lee, Iowa

4. Ronnie Bresser, Oregon State

5. Jack Mueller, Virginia

6. Sean Russell, Minnesota

7. Pat Glory, Princeton

8. Vitali Arujau, Cornell


1. Daton Fix, Oklahoma State

2. Stevan Micic, Michigan

3. Nick Suriano, Rutgers

4. Micky Phillippi, Pitt

5. Luke Pletcher, Ohio State

6. Ethan Lizak, Minnesota

7. Austin DeSanto, Iowa

8. John Erneste, Missouri


1. Yianni Diakomihalis, Cornell

2. Joey McKenna, Ohio State

3. Nick Lee, Penn State

4. Josh Alber, Northern Iowa

5. Jaydin Eierman, Missouri

6. Mike Carr, Illinois

7. Mitch McKee, Minnesota

8. Kanen Storr, Michigan


1. Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers

2. Micah Jordan, Ohio State

3. Mitch Finesilver, Duke

4. Brock Mauller, Missouri

5. Matt Kolodzik, Princeton

6. Austin O’Connor, North Carolina

7. Kaden Gfeller, Oklahoma State

8. Jarrett Degan, Iowa State


1. Jason Nolf, Penn State

2. Tyler Berger, Nebraska

3. Ryan Deakin, Northwestern

4. Alec Pantaleo, Michigan

5. Hayden Hidlay, North Carolina State

6. Kaleb Young, Iowa

7. Larry Early, Old Dominion

8. Josh Humphreys, Lehigh


1. Alex Marinelli, Iowa

2. Vincenzo Joseph, Penn State

3. Josh Shields, Arizona State

4. Evan Wick, Wisconsin

5. Chance Marsteller, Lock Haven

6. Logan Massa, Michigan

7. Isaiah White, Nebraska

8. Mekhi Lewis, Virginia Tech


1. Mark Hall, Penn State

2. Daniel Lewis, Missouri

3. Zahid Valencia, Arizona State

4. Myles Amine, Michigan

5. Jordan Kutler, Lehigh

6. David McFadden, Virginia Tech

7. Jacobe Smith, Oklahoma State

8. Taylor Lujan, Northern Iowa


1. Myles Martin, Ohio State

2. Shakur Rasheed, Penn State

3. Zach Zavatsky, Virginia Tech

4. Emery Parker, Illinois

5. Max Dean, Cornell

6. Drew Foster, Northern Iowa

7. Nick Reenan, North Carolina State

8. Ryan Preisch, Lehigh


1. Bo Nickal, Penn State

2. Kollin Moore, Ohio State

3. Preston Weigel, Oklahoma State

4. Patrick Brucki, Princeton

5. Jacob Warner, Iowa

6. William Miklus, Iowa State

7. Jay Aiello, Virginia

8. Nathan Traxler, Stanford


1. Derek White, Oklahoma State

2. Anthony Cassar, Penn State

3. Gable Steveson, Minnesota

4. Jordan Wood, Lehigh

5. Mason Parris, Michigan

6. Amar Dhesi, Oregon State

7. Trent Hilger, Wisconsin

8. Demetrius Thomas, Pitt

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