Good morning everyone. It is Thursday morning, and it is raining. I won’t complain because we had those really nice days on Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday the sun didn’t shine too much, but very warm and nice all day.

On Monday and Tuesday I was able to get mot of the bed clothes washed and some yard work done. While I had our bed all apart to wash the mattress covers, I cleaned under the bed and behind the bed, got the ceiling dusted and the pictures cleaned that are hanging on the walls. I had to wait till Jessica came home from work, to help me put the mattress back on the bed. Charley and I were able to get the box springs back on, but not the mattress. I need to get the windows done and put clean curtains up and last of all move everything out away from the wall and clean behind it. It will take me awhile but before too long I should be able to get it all cleaned. When I think of all that I used to get done in a day’s time, I wonder how I did it. Then I remember I was a lot younger then. That does make a difference. Oh well, as I said, I will get done sooner or later.

I could get a lot more done if Makailee didn’t want to be outside playing. She just loves to be outside. She got a pretty new pink wagon and yesterday I took her for a ride in it. We went down the alley as far as the old Borough School and back again. We saw lots of pretty flowers blooming in people’s yards. When we got back, Makailee was able to play with Mattalee on the trampoline. They both really like the trampoline.

As I read the Broad Top Bulletin this week I hd to laugh as I read Adam Watson’s “Customs and Traditions” column, because I remember eating coffee soup. Jimmy and I didn’t get it very often, but we were always happy to get it. t has to be made with homemade bread because the store-bought bread gets too soggy. My mother would make a cup of coffee they way she liked it, with just milk in it, and she would cut us a piece of homemade bread, spread it with margarine, sprinkle sugar all over it and pour the coffee over it. I don’t know if I would like it now, but it sure tasted good then. As far as the shredded wheat biscuits go, I would always pour hot water on it to soften it up, pour the water and sugar and milk on it, but I can honestly tell you shredded wheat wasn’t one of my favorite cereals.

Something I can remember is making snow ice cream. We had a back porch which had a wide bannister on it, and when we would get a nice deep snow and it was nice and clean on the top of the bannister, Jimmy and I used to get or bowls and got outside and scoop the clean snow of the bannister, and my mom would sprinkle sugar over it an add some vanilla extract or if we wanted chocolate she would sprinkle a little bit of cocoa on it and stir it up. It sure was good, but you had to eat it fast, before the snow melted. You have to remember when I was growing up you didn’t get ice cream very often.

Adam also said about linoleum on your floors. I can remember scrubbing and waxing the linoleum floors. We had it in all the rooms. When one would get pretty worn-looking we would cut the old linoleum to fit on the floor so it was easier to keep clean. That was the gold old days when you made do with what you had, and when you made things over to use somewhere else. I was very thankful my mother could sew really well, and she would take things apart that people would give us, and make me some pretty new clothes out of them.

My mom and I loved to go picking all kinds of berries together and then she and Aunt Em would make jelly, pies and cobbler out of them. The jellies and jams we made years ago had much more taste than they do today. Later in life, when Charley and I moved to Chelsea, N.Y.,, we would always take our summer vacation the first part of July when the raspberries were ripe. My mom and I would get up early and go pick berries, and oh what goodies we had to eat from those berries. I can remember bringing jelly back to Chelsea and giving it to my neighbors, who had never had homemade jelly, and they loved it. So much for the good old days. I will get back to today’s column.

I enjoyed Ron Morgan[s column “Saying Goodbye.” I knew most of the people he wrote about. Coolidge Eichelberger’s wife was my English teacher at Saxton Liberty and then I had Mrs. Maude Ritchey. I had lots of good teachers at Saxton Liberty.

Pastor Tim McIntyre had a good message, “Promise of the Spirit.” If you know Jesus as your personal savior, then yuo have the Holy Spirit living within you.

Our pastor, Ken Detwiler, also tells us about the Holy Spirit, who is our comforter. We can only have the Holy Spirit within us if we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Don’t put it off; you never know when it might be too late. You are very welcome to come to church and learn how to be saved.

I was sorry to read that Tussey lost their baseball game to Everett last week, but I was so happy to read that they played the game at the Altoona Curve’s field. I am sure the Tussey team was very happy to be able to play there.

Also, congratulations to the boys track team for their sweep at the ICC tri-meet and the girls team too. They both did well.

I really enjoyed reading Adam Watson’s article on Helen (Gates) Williams, who was 100 years old last October. She sounds like a very lovely lady and has enjoyed her life, even though it was hard sometimes. God bless you Helen.

I want to offer my sincere sympathy to the family of Russell Yablonski of Huntingdon, who passed away on April 18. I did not know Russell, but I do know one of his sisters, Dorothy Berzansky, of Wood. She is a lovely lady. I pray God will comfort Russell’s wife, Patricia, and his sisters, Dorothy Berzansky and Barbara Zack, and all of their families, and to all others who knew and loved him. May God’s comfort bring you the strength and peace you need in your time of sorrow.

Last week I forgot to fax the pages with the birthdays and my hugs and quote, so I am adding them this week so I can be caught up. Sorry, sometimes it gets a little hectic around our house.

Don’t forget May 7 is National Day of Prayer. Some churches are open if you want to come there to pray, but remember you can pray to God anywhere your are. He will hear you.

I am sorry these wishes are late, hope you had a great day.

Happy birthday wishes to the following people who will be celebrating soon:

• April 23 —My friend, Brett Leavelle, of Saxton.

• April 24 — David Bussard, of Hopewell RD, and our great-nephew, Grant David Taylor, of town.

• April 25 — Lynda (Foster) Young of Altoona, and Linda Breneman.

• April 26 — Chuck Martin, of town.

• April 27 — My friend and husband of my late classmate, Ruth Foor, Roy McMinn of Ohio, and Dylan Mock, formerly of town, now living away.

• April 28 — Dawn McEldowney of Saxton RD, Mike Johnson of Loysburg and part of our church family, and Miranda (Gresko) Peruso, of Hundingdon RD.

• April 29 — T.J. Houck of town.

May you all have a very happy day and God’s blessings for many more heathy, happy years.

Happy anniversary to my friends and part of our church family, Art and Dixie (Snyder) Blades, of Riddlesburg. They will celebrate their special day on April 23. Have a great day and God bless you with many more happy years together.

Contact Paul Rowan at, 623-1151, ext. 140.

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