Robertsdale Post Office

The Robertsdale post office, along Route 913, has been the target of recent vandalism. Reportedly, an unidentified juvenile has been identified as causing the damage.

The illegal actions of a juvenile may necessitate the post office at Robertsdale taking future measures to protect facility.

The Bulletin recently learned the post office has been having problems with juveniles and adolescent pranks. It was also reported that a window there was recently broken by a snowball being thrown through it.

A postal source indicated that a juvenile had been placing snow in both inside and outside boxes, ripping up pamphlets, shipping items, ripping signs down and removing parcel locker key tags and throwing them on the floor. These types of actions have been taking place over the past couple of months.

The source indicated there has never been any problems of this nature before. The incidents were reported to state police at Huntingdon and a one juvenile was reportedly identified as the source of the damage.

While there have been rumors circulating on social media that the post office will be closing right after regular business hours, the postal source stated this is untrue. They indicated a decision on how to proceed if vandalism continues will be made at a later time.

Residents and postal customers are encouraged to keep a watch on the post office building and report any suspicious activity they might see. Postal officials said they will do anything and everything possible to secure incoming and outgoing mail at the post office.

There has also been reports of broken windows at the former Robertsdale Elementary School in past months. The building is owned by Wood Township.

Township chairman Kirby Lockard confirmed that several windows in the building have indeed been broken and state police at Huntingdon were contacted to investigate.

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