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Bedford County Technical Center students participated in the Pennsylvania District 7 SkillsUSA competition Jan. 21 at the Jaffa Mosque in Altoona. There were 11 placewinners and six first-place competitors from the technical center. Pictured are, front, from left, Sarah Webb, third in Commercial Baking, and Olivia Miller, first in Nursing Assisting; second row: Lexi Miller, model for Nail Care); Kayana Swartz, third for Nail Care; Faith Cogan, first in Esthetics; and Ally Dickmann, model for Esthetics; third row: Tyler Foor, second in Auto Service Technology; Jaelyn Faupel, third in Medical Terminology; Kassidy Clark, first in Medical Assisting; and Annastasia Hauze, first in Basic Health Care; fourth row: Addison Bagley, Bryson Bagley, Makalah Kiser and Liala Ranker, third in Health Occupations Knowledge Bowl; and fifth row: Marcus Everly, Job Skill Demonstration A, and Travis Kendall, Brighton Williams, Mason Cessna and Seth Price, first in Team Works.

Bedford County Technical Center students brought home a host of honors from the recent SkillsUSA Pennsylvania District 7 Skills and Leadership Championship. The center had 11 placewinners and champions in six categories. The first-place finishers advance to the state competition in April in Hershey.

The first-place champions are Kassidy Clark, Everett – Medical Assisting; Faith Cogan, Everett – Esthetics; Ally Dickman, Everett – Esthetics Model; Marcus Everly, Bedford – Job Skill Demo A; Annastasia Hauze, Everett – Basic Health Care; Olivia Miller, Chestnut Ridge – Nurse Assisting; and Teamworks: Travis Kendall, Bedford; Seth Price , Everett; Mason Cessna, Everett; and Brighton Williams, Everett.

Placewinners were Tyler Foor, Everett, second – Automotive Service Technology; Sarah Webb, third, Chestnut Ridge – Commercial Baking; Bryson Bagley of Bedford, Addison Bagley of Bedford, Makaleh Kiser of Bedford and Liala Ranker of HOPE for Hyndman, third — Health Occupations Knowledge Bowl; Jaelyn Faupel, third, Everett – Medical Terminology; Kayana Swartz, third, Everett — Nail Care, and Lexi Sellers, third, homeschooled, Nail Care Model.

Other participants in the District 7 Competition were Charles Conrad, Everett – Auto Maintenance & Light Repair; Destiny Mills, Everett – Cosmetology; Timothy Costello, Everett – Culinary Arts; Ethan Murphy, Everett – Extemporaneous Speaking; Taylor Barkman, Everett – Job Interview; Brooke Clark, Everett – Medical Math; Priscilla Everly, Bedford – Prepared Speech; Layne Defibaugh, Bedford – Welding.

The following competitors did not compete in District 7 Competition, but they will be going straight to state competition in April: Angie Mullaney, HOPE for Hyndman – Promotional Bulletin Board; Kaitlyn Maliszewski, Everett – Promotional Bulletin Board; Caroline Maliszewski, Everett – Promotional Bulletin Board; Kayla Hinish, Everett – T-Shirt Design; Samantha Yokum, Everett – Pin Design; Hannah Nicodemus, Everett – Building Maintenance; Molly Cessna, Everett – Career Pathways Natural Resources; Kaylee Pittman, Everett – Career Pathways Natural Resources; S. Madison Koontz, Bedford – Career Pathways Natural Resources.

SkillsUSA PA 53rd State Conference will be held on April 15-17 in Hershey.

SkillsUSA is a national student organization that develops employability, participatory and leadership skills to complement the occupational skills developed by students in technical education classrooms or work-based learning sites.

SkillsUSA is an integral part of approved technical education occupation programs.

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