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Police said the Saxton Dollar General Store, 711 Main St., was the site of an attempted robbery on Nov. 13. A 29-year old Huntingdon County man is being held in the Bedford County Prison in connection with the incident.

A Huntingdon County man, Carl Stanton Kylor, 29, of Todd, is lodged in the Bedford County Prison charged with attempting to rob the Saxton Dollar General Store on Nov. 13.

According to an affadavit of probable cause filed by Saxton Borough Police Chief Fred Chadwick at the office of District Judge Brian Baker’s office, Kylor was arrested after attempting to rob the business located at 711 Main St. in Saxton Borough. According to the affidavit, Kylor entered the business around the time of its closing and walked around the store until it was empty of customers.

He then asked one of two workers where their money cards were kept. Kylor approached the counter and was asked how much he wished to place on the card.

He did not respond and an amount was placed on the card. When the cashier opened the drawer, Kylor told her he wanted all the money out of the register.

She asked him to repeat himself and he told her he was not joking. She then closed the register and went into the office with the manager to call the police.

Police said Kylor went to the exit doors, slammed them open and stood outside for a short period of time. He then re-entered the store and went behind a counter area where a safe was located and attempted to get into it.

After failing to do so, he went to a register and attempted to get it open. Chadwick stated this is when he and Saxton Police Officer Eric Calhoun entered the store and encountered Kylor and took him into custody.

“Officer Calhoun and I arrived on scene and entered the store. As we were walking by the cash registers, a Black male with a bandana covering his face was coming at us.”

“We took him into custody at this point. Both employees stated that Kylor was the individual in question,” stated Chadwick.

When searched, Kylor was in possession of suspected methamphetamine, suspected heroin and paraphernalia. The two employees were interviewed by borough police and video surveillance of the entire incident was reviewed to collaborate the incident.

Kylor was arrested and placed in the Bedford County Prison where he remains after failing to post $50,000 bail. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Wednesday.

He is charged with attempted robbery, possession of a controlled substance and related charges

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