FISHERTOWN — Chestnut Ridge School District is considering safety upgrades that visitors would see when they sign in at the school.

High School Assistant Principal Eric Zeznanski approached the district’s board at its Tuesday agenda meeting regarding the ID scanner systems from Raptor Technologies that administration has been looking into.

Zeznanski explained that individuals who are visiting the school or picking up a child would insert their drivers’ license. It would then be scanned by a system against a sex offender database as well as other databases that are loaded into the system. He said that this includes protection from abuse orders or something that prohibits someone from picking up a child at the school.

According to Zeznanski, if there is an issue, a text email alert is immediately sent to the district’s school police officer, requesting that he come to the building immediately. He added that the notice is also sent to several administrators.

Zeznanski said the notification is done discreetly through a panic button in the system without drawing attention from the individual.

He told the board that the response to the alert would depend on the situation. If there are pre-made arrangements, the child would be released to the parent. But if it was spontaneous and the parent came up as a sex offender or something of that nature, that person would be denied entry to the school.

The system consists of a scanner and a label printer that would print visitor badges with photos of the individual.

It would cost about $1,200 for the appliance and then $300 a year after that.

The district is looking to pilot the program in one building for one year, starting with Central Elementary, before expanding to the other districts.

Zeznanski added that while the system is cloud-based, information can be entered manually if the system is down.

He told the board that administration would move to purchase the equipment as soon as it receives authorization.

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