FISHERTOWN — The Chestnut Ridge School District Board of Directors got a taste of the district’s preliminary budget at their meeting Tuesday.

Business Manager Dennis Shaffer gave the presentation, and the board will vote on the preliminary budget at next week’s meeting.

Shaffer said that the district is projecting a $22 million budget with $21.5 million in revenue and a deficit of $476,484.

The district projects $6.60 million in local revenue, $14.44 million in state revenue and $476,480 in federal revenue.

The district is projecting $8.51 million in salaries, $6.19 million in benefits, $888,725 in purchased services, $247,147 in purchased property services, $3 million in transportation and insurance, $842,186 in supplies, $181,524 in equipment, $129,248 in dues and fees, $1.8 million in debt and $50,00 in the budgetary reserve.

Shaffer told the board that the budget will see a 1.58 percent increase in salaries from last year, which equals $132,596.

There also is an anticipated 4.79 percent increase in state pension costs, which will be about $116,701.

The district is anticipating a 4.79 percent decrease in health care costs, which will produce savings estimated at $119,355.

There will be an anticipated $53,004 increase to debt service and fund transfer costs, which equals 2.91 percent. There is $90,014 budgeted for equipment which includes Chromebook replacement, a new mower and new cafeteria software.

The board will vote on the preliminary budget and set the millage rate for the 2019-2020 school year next week.

Board members were noncommittal on whether an increase in millage will be necessary to balance the budget or what the size of the increase may be.

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