The Bedford County Rabbit Committee provided Bedford County youth who are enrolled in 4-H and FFA to show off their rabbits and cavies and small animal knowledge at the Connor Ickes Learning Center on Sept. 19.

The idea to hold a Fun Show came up a few weeks prior to actual Bedford County Fair being cancelled, according to show organizers.

“We discussed trying to line up some type of show, said Cheryl Jezeskie, coordinator for the Fun Show. “The kids couldn’t enjoy too much from their summer, since most vacations and summer activities had been limited. We approached the Fair board for permission to hold a show.”

Jezeskie said the show followed CDC guidelines.

“It is nice allowing exhibitors to get together to display all their hard work this year after all,” Jezeskie said. “This was not only an excellent learning experience, it kept kids on their toes and freshened their minds to their small animal projects. The Fun Show brought happy kids; and happy rabbits and cavies.”

Donald Barton, rabbit judge for the day, introduced himself and reminded participants to obey social distances and to wear masks.

“A judge can make a decision today and be totally different the next day,” Barton said. He explained that at this time of year, most rabbits go into molt, and a day can make the difference in the overall appearance. Barton has judged several West Regional shows and American Rabbit Breeders Association shows over the past 15 years.

Jim and Cheryl Jezeskie provided “best of” banners, while Don and Cory Barton provided trophies, and Harry and Marcie Reffner purchased placing ribbons. The Mountain Hollow 4-H parents provided gift cards for prizes and the Blazin’ Trail 4-H parents donated cash money for prizes. Also making donations for the show were Tammy Colledge Reyan and Rays Hill Rabbitry, Cheri Black, D.J. Mitchell and Lita Jezeskie.

Fun Show winners judged by Barton included:

Mini Rex: Tanisha Bradford;

Dutch: Elizabeth Letrent;

English Lop: Nason Weist;

Lionhead: Scarlet Poraczky;

Rex: Kaylin Ickes;

Netherland Dwarf: Carli Jo Rhodes;

Polish: Tanisha Bradford;

Holland Lop: McKenzi Black;

Mixed: Morgan Scholl;

French Lop: McKenzi Black;

Flemish Giant: Kendyll Ahmad;

Satin: Nicki Van Pelt;

Best in Show: Elizabeth Letrent;

Reserve Best in Show: McKenzi Black;

3rd Runner Up: Scarlet Poraczky;

4th Runner UP: Carli Jo Rhodes;

5th Runner Up: Nason Weist.

Fun Show winners judged by Lita Jezeskie and D.J Mitchell included:

Master Showman: McKenzi Black;

Reserve: Taylor E. Koontz;

Third: Elizebeth Letrent;

Fourth: Scarlet Poraczky;

Fifth: Nason Weist;

Sixth: Carli Jo Rhodes;

Fun Show winners judged by Cheri Black and D.J. Mitchell included:

Cavy Photo: Elizabeth Letrent;

Rabbit Photo: Alexis Claycomb;

Other entrees: Scarlet Poraczky, Kaylin Ickes, Elizabeth Letrent, McKenzi Black, Tanisha Bradford;

Fun Show winners judged by Tammy College Reyan included:

Coronet: Elizabeth Letrent;

Peruvian: Carli Jo Rhodes;

Silkie: Nason Weist;

Best in Show: Elizabeth Letrent;

Reserve Best in Show: Nason Weist.

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