Firefighters from across the county and beyond, police, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department, Coroner Rusty Styer and volunteers who know the area continued their search on Tuesday for a woman who was reported missing early Monday.

Dozens of searchers gathered at command posts at the Bedford Elks and Trans Run United Methodist Church in Colerain Township to search for Cathy Raley, 68, who was last seen Monday near Bedford High School.

Authorities on Monday searched in the area of Briar Valley and Dutch Corner and eventually moved toward the borough.

Tracking dogs led them to the area of the Elks and Bedford Springs, and by Tuesday over the mountain to Colerain Township.

All-terrain vehicles from fire departments around the county were joined by horses, dogs and, according to radio reports, at least one drone.

Later, assets from the Elks side were moving to again search in the Briar Valley area, and still later along Business 220 and Weber Lane.

Everett Assistant Chief Chuck Stone, Centennial Road incident commander, said crews from that side would be searching an area of about 2 1/2 miles.

When briefing the searchers, he warned them, “Anybody who’s hunted it knows its rugged terrain.”

Among those joining the search were Mountain Maryland Search and Rescue from Allegany County. Stone said Bedford Fire Department had issued a general alert for any firefighters to join the effort, and volunteers from across Bedford County and McConnellsburg responded to assist with the search.

Caution, both in making sure that all searchers were accounted for and in making sure they stayed hydrated, was being stressed.

Contact Paul Rowan at, 623-1151, ext. 140.

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If you can donate food or water to these volunteers, please do.

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