Mallory Pachtman

Mallory Pachtman donating blood at the Reed, Wertz & Roadman Inc. Christmas Eve blood drive.

Reed, Wertz, & Roadman, Inc. continued their annual tradition of holding a blood drive on Christmas Eve, with this being the 19th year they have done it.

Don Roadman was a former Red Cross leadership volunteer, and a past partner at Reed, Wertz & Roadman Inc.

Roadman received many blood transfusions throughout an illness, which inspired his family, friends and co-workers to sponsor an annual blood drive on or before Christmas Eve.

They still hold the blood drive every year in Roadman’s memory to help patients in need across the region.

“We started having it on Christmas Eve, everyone thought we wouldn’t be able to have it then,” said Shaun Styer marketing director of Reed, Wertz, & Roadman, Inc. “Don thought it was possible to tap into the giving spirit of people.”

The drive was held at the American Legion Bedford at 3721 US-220 BUS.

For the 2020’s blood drive, their goal was to collect 64 units and they got 85, had seven first time blood donors, and saved a potential 255 lives.

“I was talking to one of the nurses that was drawing blood,” said Styer. “He said blood drives across the state have been up this year because so many people want to do something to help with COVID-19.”

Most of the people who gave blood made appointments, but they had a few walk-ins as well.

There was so many people, that they had to turn some away because there was not enough supplies to use for them.

Reed, Wertz, & Roadman wants to thank the community for all their support of the blood drive even with 2020 being a tough year.

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