Pennknoll Village property listed in sheriff's sales

Pictured is the Pennknoll Village nursing center at 208 Pennknoll Road, Everett, on Tuesday. The property is listed to be sold in the county sheriff’s sales next month, but the operations of the nursing center will not be affected.

EVERETT — The property housing the Pennknoll Village nursing center is listed to be sold in next month’s sheriff sales due to a mortgage foreclosure, but corporate management for the nursing facility said it won’t affect the services offered at the center.

The 10.88-acre property at 208 Pennknoll Road, Snake Spring Township, is scheduled to be sold at the Bedford County Sheriff’s Sale on April 11 at 10 a.m. to enforce a $119 million court judgment against its owners, Tandem Mezz B LLC of Delaware and RE Everett LLC of Pennsylvania.

Both limited liability companies are part of Tandem Health Care LLC of Atlanta.

The 133-bed Pennknoll Village nursing center is operated at the facility by the Maitland, Florida-based Consulate Health Care.

Jennifer L. Trapp, vice president of corporate communications for Consulate, said in an email that the sheriff’s sale won’t affect the operations of their center.

“The Sheriff’s Sale will have no impact on the employees of the center or the healthcare services they provide to the residents entrusted to our care,” Trapp said. “We will maintain our commitment to providing quality care without interruption. The sale relates to a real estate transaction between unrelated companies.”

Tandem Mezz B LLC and RE Everett LLC failed to pay a $119 million loan on its maturity date on July 30, 2018, according to a complaint filed with the state Supreme Court by FA-SCD SNF Investors LLC of Delaware. A notice of default was sent on Aug. 9.

Pennknoll Village is one of seven nursing home properties in Pennsylvania listed in the complaint, all of which are listed in sheriff sales in their respective counties. Other properties are in Washington, Schuylkill, Perry, Luzerne, Snyder and Juniata counties.

A subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreement filed in Bedford County between the investment group and Tandem Mezz B LLC states that the tenant at the property will have the right to continue to operate if the property is sold or foreclosed, as long as the tenant is not in default on its rent.

Attorney Clifford Sacalis of Philadelphia, representing the investment group foreclosing on the property, and Francis Crowley of Philadelphia, counsel to RE Everett and Tandem Mezz, did not return messages seeking comment.

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