LOYSBURG — Northern Bedford County school board voted at its meeting Tuesday to advertise for requests for proposals for information from an architect regarding potential building projects.

The administration presented the board with a proposal for $4.3 million in necessary repairs, building and safety upgrades.

The administration hopes to start with a phase one that would include $651,803 for windows in the middle school/high school; $26,600 for door entry glass film covering; $29,400 for the painting of 49 classrooms in the middle school/high school at $600 a classroom; $70,960 for elementary rooftop unit updates; $173,697 for middle school/high school floors and $29,160 for the middle school/high school gym floor.

The windows in the middle school and high school includes abatement of asbestos in the window areas. Abatement of all areas is estimated at $67,265. This portion of the project also includes infill of windows, windows, trim work and blinds or safety film.

The classroom and hallway floors portion of the project is proposed to include tile replacement of classroom and hallways; abatement of asbestos; air quality testing as required. It does not include the music room, auditorium or high school/district office areas.

For the elementary roof, there would be a proposed total roof replacement on the gym, locker rooms, kitchen and gym areas with just coating replacement on other zones. New lightning protection would be required.

In the high school vo-tech entranceway and classrooms, there is a proposed project of tile replacement and classrooms with abatement of asbestos and air quality testing as required at a proposed estimated cost of $18,010.

A proposed $394,000 in upgrades and repairs at the middle school/high school were presented to the board and would include lighting replacements and upgrades, sound replacement and upgrade, rigging replacement and upgrade, abatement and carpet and tile replacement. This does not include seating and water damaged areas.

Another $22,000 is estimated for proposed abatement in the band room and an additional $28,710 is estimated for proposed abatement in the high school and district office as well new carpet in the area.

There is also $1.4 million proposed for secured entrances at the elementary school and $586,000 for secured entrances at the middle school.

Board members also raised concern about ventilation in the middle school/high school gym and the addition of air conditioning in the gym may be possible.

Superintendent Todd Beatty said some of the estimated costs came from quotes, while others were based off of previous prices and others were based off of working with contractors who are used for certain items and will have more specific prices once the project nears.

Beatty told the board there were several ways that the board could pay for this which include a loan, doing things wholesale and completing parts of the project as money becomes available.

The board hopes to have an architecture candidate to vote on at its meeting next month.

Contact Katie Smolen at 623-1151 ext. 110 or

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