LOYSBURG — Northern Bedford County School District parents approached the board of directors at its first meeting of the school year Tuesday to address transportation concerns.

Bonnie Musselman of Bakers Summit spoke on behalf of the other parents with students who travel on Bus 16. The parents said they were concerned with a change with their child’s bus route that added a turnaround on Sproul Mountain Road that they said they felt was “unsafe and unnecessary.”

“When I found out, my concern immediately thought of the turnaround on Sproul Mountain because I travel that road daily for my employment, and I’ve witnessed cars many times almost hitting a bus or other cars almost hitting one another due to a chain of cars being in blind spots,” Mussleman said.

She said that caused some of the parents to start calling and emailing Superintendent Todd Beatty, beginning on the second day of school, stating their safety concerns.

Mussleman said that Beatty told her laws and safety concerns are taken into consideration when making busing decisions. The turnaround was 60 feet wider than what is required by state Department of Transportation.

Concerns about lack of signage in the area have been addressed, but parents do not feel that is enough.

Mussleman said she also talked to the bus driver, the state police and the director of transportation from the Claysburg-Kimmel School District, all of whom raised concerned of the safety of the stop. She added she was told that state police said all they could do was put a trooper in the area to monitor speed.

She added that the stop only has one pick-up, which is for one family with two children who already drive their children to the bottom of the lane. The parents suggested having the parents of the two children drive their children a quarter mile to Hoover Road to avoid the turnaround.

Board members had asked Beatty if a turnaround there had been considered before.

Beatty had responded that there once had been pickups, there but there were parental concerns, and, after checking with PennDOT, it was determined it was not safe as there was no berm on the road or anywhere for the children to walk that was off of the roadway.

Board member David Chisholm said that he would like to visit the area. Beatty agreed to reach out to board members to see who would like to go out to the area to watch traffic and travel during times students would be getting on or off the bus.

The board approved a request to Bloomfield Township for school bus turnaround signs to be located on Sproul Mountain Road.

The board also voted to approve:

—Rescinding the approval of Emily Eutin as special education teacher.

—The resignation of Hannah Drenning as assistant junior high girls basketball coach.

—Gun Safety Situational Awareness Concepts utilizing weapons as demonstration tools to Grade 6 students.

—The wood chip bid for the 2019-20 heating season to D&D Wood Sales Inc. at a cost of $52 per ton. One other bid was received from Brumbaugh Lumber LLC at $59 per ton.

— Transfer of 10 sick days for Christa Albright.

—Transfer of seven sick days for Brittany Smith.

Contact Katie Smolen at 623-1151 ext. 110 or

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