Lincoln Motor Court

Lincoln Motor Court, in Mann’s Choice, was nominated for USA Today’s Best Roadside Motel Competition. Voting takes place until Oct. 12.

Lincoln Motor Court, in Manns Choice, is in the running for USA Today’s favorite roadside motel nationwide competition. The competition gives notoriety to the 10 best roadside motels as voted on by readers.

Currently, Lincoln Motor Court has the fourth-highest vote total out of the 20 motels that were nominated for the recognition.

“USA Today just contacted me and said that we had been nominated,” said Debbie Altizer, owner of Lincoln Motor Court, mentioning that she was surprised by the nomination. “I don’t know who put a bug in their ear.”

But she said it was as pleasant as surprises get — especially in a year when travel was essentially eliminated.

“It’s huge because we’ve been in business for 37 years, and with COVID and everything we’ve been down,” Altizer said, adding that they haven’t had the opportunities to make the renovations they wanted. “With the notoriety, the more guests you get, the more money you can put into preservation.”

“This contest dropped in our lap,” she added. “And it gives us encouragement to keep doing what we’re doing.”

Voting for the contest ends on Monday, Oct. 12, at noon, and the winners will be announced Friday, Oct. 23. You can vote for Lincoln Motor Court at or by finding the link on Lincoln Motor Court’s Facebook page.

Debbie and Bob Altizer bought the Lincoln Motor Court in 1983 when they moved to Bedford from Alexandria, Virginia. The motor court was built in the 1940s and is now the only operational motor court on Lincoln Highway — which stretches from New York to San Fransisco.

“We left (the motor court) as original as we could,” Debbie Altizer said, talking about when they bought the motor court in the 1980s.

But just in the last five years, she said they have been redecorating with different antiques from the 1940s to keep that original feel.

“It’s a pretty neat way to live,” Altizer said, adding that they’ve housed people from all over the world at their motor court.

Lincoln Motor Court is located at 5104 Lincoln Highway in Manns Choice.

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