New health center CEO looks ahead


Over the next few weeks, a familiar organization will be getting a new name to help better align itself with its goals and the community.

The Hyndman Area Health Center has already started the process of rebranding to the Family Health Center.

“We’re going to start with the Hyndman Area Health Center that’s located here in Bedford and we’re going to change it to the name of the Bedford Family Health Center to become more current with the times and because it better encompases the services that we are providing and the services that we’re going to be adding to our facility,” CEO Bill Kurtycz said.

According to Kurtycz, once all of the signage and logos are changed at the Bedford location, the same process will take place at the Hyndman location which he expects to be completed next year.

The CEO said that the expansion of the services to the centers are being driven by the new medical team which include Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brian Stratta.

“We have some of our great people that have been with us forever but we added some really great talent here recently too,” Kurtycz said, adding that Stratta is leading the medical team to provide advanced primare healthcare.

He said along with the addition of Stratta to the medical team also will be dermatology, cardiology, echosonography and the expansion of minor procedures in the practice.

“Becoming a center of excellence is our goal and we’re going to start cardiology here. We’re going to expand on our minor procedures and we’re also going to expand with our family healthcare,” he said.

According to Kurtycz, the health center is aiming more to treat everyone throughout all cycles of their life and is currently working on creating a more robust pediatric program.

“I think that we just had to update it to the 21st century with our brand and with our services and also with our dental team,” Kurtycz said of the rebranding. “We have a great dental team here too that falls underneath the umbrella of the Family Health Center.” The dental team is led by director Dr. Shaina Stone.

Kurtycz said the center is also focusing on increasing preventative care to help keep patients out of the hospital using evidence-based care practices.

He added that the staff is going one step further and training to be able to identify problems in both the medical or dental side.

“We’re going to do a crosswalk between medical and dental, too. . . We’re going to train our dental team to identify any possible medical conditions that need to be referred to the primary care side” and on the other hand, train medical staff “to identify any kind of dental issues and refer them over to the dental side,” Kurtycz said. “We going all hands on deck with this preventative care in this community.”

At the Bedford location, the center also recently marked the completion of an occupational health facility and a medication assistance program which will be run out of the same portion of the office. It will see its first patient this week, he said. Kurtycz said the medication assistance program is for a variety of types of people who need help battling addiction.

“We will have a patient come in here . . . they will do a health and physical on them to see how the hemostasis is. For the people that are really addicted to opiates that want to get away from … heavy opiates, we will substitute that with suboxone until they can get weaned of that medication so that they don’t go through withdrawals,” he said. He also said they will also see a mental health provider at the facility.

In the next year, the Family Health Center also will be expanding into Cambria County.

“We are looking at branching out to other locations and we do have a location in sight over in the Johnstown area that we’re looking to expand to,” Kurtycz said. The Richland Family Health Center will be a primary care facility and will also provide minor procedures, dermatology, cardiology and echosonography.

Both locations are currently accepting new patients. The Hyndman Family Health Center can be reached at 842-3206 and the Bedford location can be reached at 263-5804.

Contact Katie Smolen at 623-1151 ext. 110 or

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