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According to real estate agents in the area, Bedford County saw a huge increase in the housing market in 2020 and expect it to continue in 2021.

Bedford County saw a huge increase in the housing market during 2020.

Despite the pandemic, the housing market for the county was incredibly strong and experienced heavy buyer demand according to Sean Bardell of Howard Hanna.

“One of the strongest and busiest years I’ve experienced in 20 years of practicing real estate here,“ said Bardell.

Cheryl McInroy,

associate broker, and Melinda Feaster, broker, owners of Coldwell Banker SKS Realty, even said they might call it a boom in the real estate business.

All agreed that there was certainly an increase in buyers and buyer demand in the area.

The median sale price for the county was $160,738 for last year, and $150,402 in 2019.

There was a large amount of buyers coming from people living in larger cities, who were looking to move into a less populated area or buy a second home as a get-away.

“The motivation for most was to get away from the high density of cities and own a piece of ground that they could put a garden, farm, or live off the ground if necessary,” said McInroy.

They are also seeing buyers who typically worked from an office setting now working remotely during the pandemic.

“Many buyers have indicated that their companies plan on allowing them to continue to work remotely and they are taking advantage of their by moving out of the higher density areas,“ said Feaster.

“We are centrally located to large metropolitan areas with an excellent transportation system that many areas do not have but still remain very rural,” said Bardell. “That is highly appealing to many buyers at this time.”

The type of internet options available at particular properties became a main concern due to many buyers looking to work from home.

“With the lack of internet providers and high speed internet capabilities in some areas of the county, buyers moved on to different locations,” said Bardell. “This really seemed to be a main focus from many out-of-area buyers, more so than we’ve experienced in previous years.”

Buyers were also looking for properties close to state lands and parks to be able to hike, bike, canoe or kayak, and other outdoor recreational uses.

“Bedford County is centrally located, beautiful county surrounded by mountains and truly has its very own charm,” said McInroy, “Most of us that have lived here all of our lives are blessed to be able to call it home and it makes sense why buyers are looking to move here.”

The rental market is also strong, and there is always a demand for nice rentals, according to Bardell.

“As realtors, we are working so hard to show buyers a house as soon as it hits the market and trying extremely hard to get listings so that we continue to have inventory for our buyers,“ said Feaster. “The market is strong and we are looking forward to another good year in 2021.”

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