Everett VFW new home to WWI cannon

Mark Beegle, Commander of Everett VFW Post 2088, poses with a German war cannon that was captured by Americans in World War I that is now housed outside of the VFW.

EVERETT — A local veterans organization has given a piece of history a new home.

Everett VFW Post is now housing the German cannon captured by Americans in World War I in a pavilion outside of their building. The cannon was previously housed in Fort Bedford and in the Square.

According to Mark Beegle, commander of Post 2088, the cannon was used by Germans who would just shoot until they ran out of ammunition.

“The history of it, from what I understand, is its WWI and the Germans were pounding the Americans with these canons and then they overran them and turn the cannons back against them and then they brought I think like seven of them home as war trophies,” Beegle said. “For those people back in WWI to overrun these cannons and that’s a pretty big accomplishment for an infantry unit to do that. They said they turned (the cannons) and fired them until they ran out of ammunition.”

The cannon was captured by American forces on Sept. 26, 1918, as a part of the Meuse-Argonne Campaign in France.

A pavilion-type building was built to display the cannon with the help of volunteers.

Beegle said that the cannon is more of a piece of memorabilia for members of the group.

“It’s more of a memorabilia thing for the vets of WWI and what they had to go through. This was something that they were facing all the time,” he said. “It’s nice to have a piece of artillery here to show people that its a veterans organization and not just a bar. We’re here and we’re all about veterans.”

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