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The Bedford County Correctional Facility’s transition to a new health care provider is going smoothly, according to county officials.

Warden Troy Nelson during the county prison board meeting on Monday said the Dr. Shawn McGlaughlin of Evangelical Community Hospital in Mifflin County visited the jail last week to meet with administrators and the jail’s nursing staff.

McGlaughlin is the jail’s new medical director. Nelson said he is in charge of seven county correctional facilities.

“He’s very experienced and very knowledgable,” Nelson said. “He met with

us last week, met with our nursing staff, so everything is underway as far as the medical department is concerned. All the inmates are receiving as they should be at this point.”

Evangelical Medical Services took over as the jail’s health care provider Jan. 6 after the Hyndman Area Health Center opted out of the contract because they center was spending more money at the jail than what the county paid for services.

Hyndman Health CEO Bill Kurtycz in November told the county that spending to mitigate the risk to the inmates has cost the health center more than $100,000 in losses in 2019.

The county had been in a contract with the Hyndman Health Center since October 2018. It had contracted with Harrisburg-based Primecare since 1998, about two years after the jail opened.

The county retained the entire medical staff that had been working at the jail under the Hyndman Area Health Center.

Nelson did say the jail would allow Fisher’s Pharmacy of Bedford to make a proposal to fill the jail’s pharmacy needs, which are currently handled by Diamond Pharmacy of Indiana County.

The cost for pharmacy services is based on the jail’s top 50 most prescribed medications. Nelson said Jennifer Leibfreid, an owner of Fisher’s Pharmacy, will make her proposal in March after the jail has had time to adjust its formula under a new doctor.

“At this point, it would be impossible for her to bid on anything, just for the mere fact that we have a new doctor coming in and he’s going to be prescribing different medications than Hyndman Health Care or Primecare did,” he said.

Nelson said the jail spends between $230,000 and $240,000 annually on pharmacy services.

The prison board reorganized for the year during the meeting, with new Sheriff Wayne Emerick joining the board, replacing former Sheriff Charwin Reichelderfer.

District Attorney Lesley Childers-Potts was appointed by the board to serve as chairwoman. Emerick will serve as vice chairman.

The board meets quarterly through the year. It’s next meeting will be in March.

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