DEFIANCE — Acid mine discharge abatement projects and the completion of summer road surfacing work were topics occupying the Broad Top Township supervisors’ monthly agenda during their meeting this month.

Roadmaster and township Chairman Donald Hedge Jr. gave an update to fellow supervisors Donald Black and Robert Figard about the completion of road paving work not long ago. Hedge said around 2,200 tons of paving material was used in the project, which involved about three miles of roads.

The past several weeks have also been busy ones for township maintenance personnel, who have placed berm materials along some of the highways and continue mowing work along the roadways, Hedge said.

Hedge, who also serves as manager for a number of ongoing environmental projects, reported that construction of an acid mine discharge project has been completed along Route 915 near the Pennsylvania Game Lands in the southeastern part of the township, adding that the system has been sampled but the results have not yet arrived.

Township Secretary Dave Thomas told the supervisors township environmental consulting engineers Skelly & Loy are progressing with an application that will be submitted to the state Department of Environmental Protection for permits to operate another acid mine drainage project (Woomer Site) near Route 915 in the Langdondale area.

Turning to the Huntingdon and Broad Top Rail Trail project, Black reported that construction of a two-mile extension of the recreational trail north to Red Cut continues with township maintenance personnel placing driving surface aggregate on the right of way. He added fencing and signage for the trail extension has been ordered and should be delivered later this month.

Thomas said the trail project is about 70 percent complete and should be finished within three weeks to a month.

In the meantime, the township continues to communicate with four landowners of the former railroad right-of-way with hopes of securing the remaining route north to the Warriors Path State Park in Liberty Township, situated a short distance south of Saxton.

In other business the supervisors:

—Continued talks with the Bedford County commissioners about moving the district judge’s office, now located just off Route 26 in Hopewell Township, to available space in the former Defiance Elementary School.

—Learned that Mile Level Physical Therapy, located near Bedford, has expressed an interest in rental space at the old school, prompting township officials to prepare and forward a brochure and letter about the township-owned school.

—Will send representatives to the annual Bedford County Townships Association Convention to be held Monday, Oct. 21, in the Breezewood Fire Hall. In a related matter, the supervisors approved the annual township association dues of $75.

—Agreed to allow the Six Mile Run United Methodist Church to use the former Defiance (school) parking lot, trailer and other items as needed for their annual Community Day Fair set for Sunday, Sept. 15.

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