Television crews with the Pennsylvania Cable Network will be at the Bedford County courthouse next week to capture the stories of the historic structure.

The courthouse will be featured as part of an ongoing documentary series produced by PCN and the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania.

“You’ve heard the old saying, ‘If walls could talk...’ ” said Ken Kroski, director of media relations for CCAP.

“Well, the Historic County Courthouse video in Bedford will give those walls a voice — one that’s worth listening to.”

Bedford, Blair and Carbon counties are the three counties set to be featured in the PCN documentary series this summer.

The cable network and CCAP have been working to highlight courthouses in the state for the past half-dozen years, Kroski said.

Crews will be at the Bedford County courthouse on Thursday to film the video, expected to be about 30 minutes long.

“The videos highlight the history and beauty of the buildings and all their unique qualities,” Kroski said about the series.

Judges Thomas Ling and Travis Livengood will speak about the history of the court system in the county, while local historian Larry Smith will comment on the history of the building. Commissioner Josh Lang will offer additional information and speak about the services currently offered by the county.

“There’s a lot of history involved with the courthouse,” Lang said. “I think one of the things that the video will do as well is that it will highlight the county services and programs that are available.”

The oldest part of the Bedford County courthouse dates back to 1828-29.

“The chambers in that structure have been in continual use since that time, making it the second oldest courthouse in Pennsylvania still in courthouse use,” Lang said. “Only the 1827 Perry County courthouse is older.”

Kroski said the Greek Revival architectural style of the building also will be discussed in the video.

“It’ll cover all the architectural nuances,” he said.

Filming will last for one day. The video is expected to air on PCN sometime in August or September, although a date and time have not been finalized.

“This is a great promotional video, but it’s also a great educational video,” Lang said. “I hope to be able to provide this to schools in Bedford County and other organizations and groups as well.”

Kroski said the purpose of the videos is to both entertain and educate the community.

“These videos tell the stories of our counties,” he said. “The courthouses and their services help form the fabric of a community. That fabric can change over time. Each has a great story and history to tell.”

PCN is a non-profit cable television network offering coverage of government and public affairs in Pennsylvania. The network is available to 10 million viewers in more than 3.1 million homes.

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