Staff in the Bedford Area School District will begin receiving COVID-19 vaccinations today.

Superintendent Dr. Allen Sell told the district school board Monday night that the district was at the “front of the line” to receive the first dose of the Moderna vaccine.

“On Wednesday and Thursday, our staff will be eligible for onsite Moderna type COVID-19 vaccinations,” Sell said. “It’s a two part vaccination — one now, one in 28 days — to be fully vaccinated.”

Getting the shots is optional.

The district will be moving from a fully virtual education model to a hybrid model that alternates students between in-person and online education beginning Jan. 19.

“Fortuitously, we’re getting our first round of vaccination before we go back to hybrid,” Sell said. “Hopefully that will be helpful to us as we move forward.”

Sell credited the district’s nurses with being proactive to get the district early doses of the vaccine. Assistant Superintendent Dr. Paul Ruhlman also thanked the Hyndman-Bedford-Richland Family Health Centers for its cooperation in coordinating the vaccine.

“They have partnered with us to make this happen,” Ruhlman said. “We thank them very much. They have been great to work with.”

Sell said the vaccine will help progress toward a return to a full in-person learning model sooner than previously expected, but did not give a firm indication of when that could be.

“A fully vaccinated staff would be a huge benchmark for us to look for an appropriate date to go back to full-time with our students,” he said.

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