The Bedford Area School District does not intend to raise taxes above the state index for the 2022-23 budget.

The school board’s agenda next week includes a resolution not to raise taxes above the 4.2% mark set by the state when drafting a proposed spending plan for the next school year.

Superintendent Dr. Allen Sell said the resolution does not mean the school board will or will not impose any tax increase in the budget, but states any potential increase would not go above the index.

“There’s always some confusion about that,” he said of the resolution.

The district this past June approved a $32.1 million spending plan that included a $3.8% tax increase. The budget covers a fiscal year beginning July 1.

The school board at its meeting also reviewed a superintendent’s evaluation for Sell.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Paul Ruhlman said Sell’s evaluation by board members was “truly impressive,” especially given the difficult year navigating the district through the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s the most difficult job in public education,” Ruhlman said about the superintendent role.

Sell said he appreciated the support, but credited the district as a whole for the work done.

“It speaks to the depth of this organization,” he said.

The school board at its meeting Tuesday will vote on the following motions:

— Abby Replogle of Bedford and Alivia Whetstone of Bedford, prospective teacher, to the list of certified substitute teachers.

— Elena Deasey of Schellsburg, Eric Will of Bedford, Eve Marie Blasinsky of Bedford and Michaela Musselman of New Paris to the list of IU08 substitutes.

— Sarah Sewalk of Buffalo Mills to the list of substitute support staff.

— Jake Welty as a volunteer wrestling coach.

— Tentative approval of board policies regarding purchases subject to bid/quotation, purchases budgeted and federal fiscal compliance.

— A 150-day delay claim for electrical work as part of the elementary school renovation project at no cost.

— Stephen Bennet of Everett, Anita Dutil of Osterburg and Cindy Bennett of Everett as drivers for Snyder Bus Lines.

Contact Will DeShong at; 623-1151, ext. 150.

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