Live Well is celebrating 19 years in business. Pictured are, front, from left, Dr. Kris Arnold, Dr. Jason Stephens and Dr. Randy Tabita; and back: Tina Arnold, Veronica Wright, Beth Dunlap and Sheena Huff.

This month will mark over 19 years that Live Well Chiropractic has been serving and helping the community live better and healthier lives. Dr. Kris Arnold and wife, Tina, started Live Well with the dream to create a revolutionary healing center here in Bedford County.

“It has been great to serve this community and I love all the wonderful feedback from our patients. It is surreal to see some of the children we have helped, now bringing their children in for care.” commented Dr. Kris Arnold.

Dr. Arnold said he and his wife have nurtured and developed their vision into one of the largest Wellness Chiropractic Centers in the country. “We attract generations of families that search for reconnection to a greater experience of health and life. They have consciously created a healing environment, inspiring communication and efficient actions to create time and space for the extraordinary to be ordinary. I feel what has helped us become so successful is our passion for what we do, our commitment to continue to learn and our inclusion of other services that complement our Wellness Chiropractic care.”

Live Well is a modern wellness chiropractic office that features the best in natural health. Services include gentle instrument adjustments, advanced computer diagnostic technology, massage, reflexology, whole body thermography, nutritional counseling, energizing weight loss program and healthy heart program.

“Regularly, I still run into people around town that tell me about their first experience in our office,” Arnold said. “Where, during their first adjustment, they thought the gentle, relaxing Chiropractic care could not possibly do anything thing. Then they woke up the next morning feeling amazing!”

Live Well specializes in more than just pain relief, Arnold said. With modern technology, they can find the true underlying problems of patient’s health issues.

They have found success with headaches, sleep problems, immune strengthening, stress issues, digestive problems, hormones, children’s health and many other health problems, Arnold said.

During Live Well’s month-long celebration, they are offering discounts for all new patients. They are also encouraging current patients to share their health transformations on their Facebook page. For more information, visit their website at or call 624-0606.

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