Hyndman teen's senior project honors vets

HOPE for Hyndman sophomore Kyra Lafferty poses with part of her senior project in the school cafeteria this past week, which honors veterans.

HYNDMAN — A HOPE for Hyndman teen has used her senior project as a way to honor those that have served their country for American freedoms.

Sophomore Kyra Lafferty of Hyndman had students at the school and in the school’s after school programs create cards for veterans that would be distributed as a part of Forever Media’s Operation Thank You, which is an effort to create and then distribute cards to veterans in the area.

“ I thought it would be a nice thing for them to have just to look at if they ever felt like they needed to,” Kyra said of her project. “Just the fact that it would be a nice thing to do for Veterans Day and I feel that they need to be thanked for what they did and how they served.”

Also as a part of the teen’s senior project, she collected the names of family members or friends of students at HOPE for Hyndman that had served or are serving in the military. The slips of paper were then displayed in the school’s cafeteria.

“Wherever you go into the lunchroom you think, all these people served for us and all these people are still serving,” she said.

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