Spend more time daydreaming, Aries. Even though it may seem to run counter to being productive, you may actually find some inspiration to get things done.

You may not take the same path or go in the same direction as the masses, Taurus. But you find the finish line nevertheless. Keep on tracking your own trail.

A few blips on the radar may give you pause, Gemini. But no obstacle is going to keep you from your final goal this week. You are ready to forge ahead.

No matter how much time you set aside, Cancer, you seem to keep playing catch up. You may need to realize that a few extra helping hands will make a lighter load of your tasks.

You can’t contain your excitement or keep a secret this week, Leo. Avoid seeking secrets because you might let the cat out of the bag and don’t want to disappoint.

Do not try to take control of a situation on which you have a tenuous grasp, Virgo. Other things of greater importance require your attention.

Domestic bliss describes your life at this point, Libra. You may have welcomed a new baby or pet into the family, and you are enjoying this new dynamic.

Scorpio, even though you may have had to jump over many hurdles of late, you will come through stronger for having done so.

A demand for your attention reaches a fever pitch, Sagittarius. You may not know what is spurring on this sort of popularity, but you are anxious to enjoy every minute of it.

Big changes are on the horizon, Capricorn. It could be a new job opportunity or maybe a relocation if you have been thinking of making a fresh start.

Aquarius, even though you may have to go out on a limb and out of your comfort zone, you may find that doing so gives you the fresh perspective you’ve been seeking.

Pisces, ask someone to remind you of an important deadline, as you have been a little scatterbrained as of late. Don’t let this pass you by.

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