During its monthly board meeting on Thursday, the HOPE for Hyndman board of trustees received an update on the first grading period for students.

Students were given an extra day to turn in assignments and teachers an extra day to grade when the school closed on Oct. 23 due to being notified of its first COVID-19 case in the building.

“We had some questions about it and it was basically that we had had a case in the building and we decided that it was the end of the marking period and the last day of the nine weeks and it was a good opportunity until we figured out what was going on, do a good through cleaning in the building and make sure that everything was OK and we were assured it was and we were back on Monday morning,”CEO Brigette Emerick said.

“I think it was the right move,” board President Angela Coughenour said.

During the meeting the board approved:

• Submitting the charter renewal documents to Bedford Area school board by Nov. 24., pending review of documents by the board. Emerick explained that the Bedford board approved an extension since she will be out of the office at the beginning of the month. She added that meetings for the building lease have not been scheduled yet.

• $100 in holiday gift cards for staff. They will have the choice of one $50 to two selected businesses or one $100 gift card to one business. ”The gift cards were a way of saying thank you and something to brighten their day. It is very difficult right now dealing with all the extra things that the pandemic has brought into our lives and the cards are the board’s way of thanking the staff for working hard and going the extra mile for our kids,” Emerick said.

• The hiring of Valerie Root for the position of secondary math teacher, at the Level 1 teacher rate, effective Oct. 7 and the resignation of Root effective Oct. 9.

• Hiring Alexis Weitch for the position of full-time substitute teacher, at the prorated rate of $25,000 per year, effective Nov. 2.

• The hiring of Michelle Terry for the position of second grade teacher, at the Level 1 teacher rate, effective Oct. 7.

• The hiring of Bryce Emerick for the position of day-to-day substitute teacher, effective Nov. 2 and pending all clearances. Bryce is the son of CEO Brigette Emerick.

• Stephanie Holliday as the safety and security officer.

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