The HOPE for Hyndman board of directors approved the charter school’s 2020-21 budget at its monthly meeting Thursday.

The school anticipates a total of $2.3 million in revenue, which includes a school district subsidy of $1.9 million, a health reimbursement of $40,000, $123,000 in CARES/COVID grants, $5,000 from athletics and $115,107 in federal funds.

A total of $999,381 is budgeted for payroll expenses and $476,588 for employees benefits.

Currently, $374,500 is anticipated in instruction and administrative services. This includes contracted labor at $40,000, the Bedford County Technical Center at $60,000, legal services at $10,000, contracted instructional services at $10,000, contracted special education services at $80,000, business services at $85,500, memberships and dues at $5,000, professional development at $10,000 and insurance at $74,000.

Communication and travel is budgeted at $11,000 which includes communications and advertising at $10,000 and shipping and postage at $1,000.

The school anticipates $110,000 for facility and equipment costs which includes $80,000 for utilities and $30,000 for maintenance/repair.

Instructional supplies and equipment is budgeted at $118,00 which includes: computer software at $15,000 , technology hardware at $50,000, and textbooks and supplies at $53,000.

Non-instructional supplies are currently budgeted at 228,500 which includes: administrative supplies at $30,000, maintenance supplies and equipment at $25,000, security at $1,000, transportation and fuel at $70,000, food services at $100,000 and miscellaneous expenses at $2,500.

Student activities are budgeted at $106,250. This includes field trips at $5,000, after-school at $75,000, the greenhouse at $1,250, and fundraisers and miscellaneous at $25,000.

Athletics are budgeted at an estimated $23,500 which includes equipment and supplies at $10,000, contracted labor at $10,500 and transportation at $3,000.

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