John McKeegan, left, president of Mount Aloysius College, and Jan Fisher, right, president of UPMC Altoona and UPMC Bedford, sign an affiliation agreement on May 4 to launch the Future Heroes Nursing Scholarship initiative, which offers incoming qualifying nursing students up to $54,000 in educational funding plus guaranteed employment and incentives at UPMC Bedford, UPMC Altoona or UPMC Somerset.

A new opportunity for individuals interested in pursuing a career in nursing has been announced by Mount Aloysius College, in affiliation with UPMC Bedford, UPMC Altoona and UPMC Somerset.

Incoming nursing students will be eligible for up to $54,000 in funding toward their education, plus guaranteed employment and hiring incentives at those UPMC locations.

Mount Aloysius College will offer a $24,000 “Future Heroes” scholarship to all incoming nursing students from Pennsylvania enrolled in the associate registered nursing degree program or the final two years of the pre-licensure bachelor of science in nursing program. Students accepted into the UPMC Nursing Tuition Loan Forgiveness Program and who agree to a three-year employment contract with UPMC Altoona, UPMC Bedford or UPMC Somerset prior to matriculation at the college are eligible for up to $15,000 in a forgivable loan from UPMC while attending Mount Aloysius. UPMC will also offer up to $15,000 in hiring incentives on top of the forgivable loan.

“Leading up to National Nurses Week, we are incredibly excited to announce this new initiative. The mission of Mount Aloysius is focused on responding to the needs of the community with quality education. Our region needs nurses now more than ever, and through this collaboration we will provide the community with “Future Heroes” at little or no net cost for the student,” said John McKeegan, president of Mount Aloysius College.

“Incoming nursing students will receive an exceptional nursing education in our premier nursing program while taking advantage of the tremendous affordability and many other benefits that come with this affiliation.”

Jan Fisher, president of UPMC Altoona/UPMC Bedford, agrees.

“The missions of Mount Aloysius College and UPMC match,” she said. “These are local students — local families — who will have an opportunity to go to college at little to no cost, and in the end, they will work for a world-class healthcare organization. It’s a great start to a wonderful career.”

The Future Heroes Nursing Scholarship will be available to students who are starting their nursing education in Fall 2021. For more details, please visit or call 814-886-6383.

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