The Chestnut Ridge school board approved the district’s 2020-21 budget during its monthly voting meeting on Tuesday.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Kudlawiec said that the board adopted the $21.9 million budget with expected revenues at $21.3 million and a deficit of about $562,000.

Despite the deficit, Kudlawiec said that the board chose not to raise taxes with so many people being laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The tax rate will remain 8.6478 mills on the dollar on the total amount of the assessed properties at the rate of 86.478 cents on each $100 of the assessed valuation of the taxable property.

The board also approved the homestead/farmstead resolution.

The board also approved:

— The placement of Keith Fleegle on the Masters +15 scale.

— Raises for the Act 93 employees, confidential secretaries, the superintendent’s secretary and business manager.

— Agreement with the Chestnut Ridge Ambulance Association which includes $300 for four emergency calls plus $50 in advance for each additional call, $150 for home games and $200 for any playoff game.

— Increasing all of the district’s meal prices by $0.05.

— Hiring Mark Dillow as the head girls basketball coach.

— Accepting the resignation of Lynette Beegle.

— Hiring Vanessa Corle and Jessica Imler as 5 hour classroom aides.

— Hiring Olivia Wissinger and Kristen Rogers as math teachers at a starting salary of $36,138.

— Hiring Bryce McVicker as a tech ed/STEM teacher at a starting salary of $36,138.

— Sabbatical leave for Linda Cubbison from July 1 to Jan.1, 2021.

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