Kim L. Reese* to Kristi M. Oberman*, Woodbury Twp., $235,000.

Philip Allen Varndell to Ann Dilworth*, Colerain Twp., $265,000.

Landmark Homes & Acquisitions LLC to Harry P. Lennox, Trust* Londonderry Twp., $64,000.

Donald Replogle Trust* to Anita S. Martin*, S. Woodbury Twp., $350,000.

David B. Mackall* to KNAC Properties LLC, Bedford Twp., $320,000.

Sarah Aikey Pittman* to Melinda R. Potter*, W. Providence Twp., $110,000.

Darlene K. Reed* to Floyd P. Rinehart*, Bedford Twp., $1.

Cheryl S. Newswanger* to Wendy R. Whitmer*, Woodbury Twp., $350,000.

Mary Jean Manspeaker* to Eileen M. Snyder*, Snake Spring Twp., $25,500.

Janice R. Clark* to Bobbi J. McIlnay*, S. Woodbury Twp., $55,000.

Jacob G. Ritchey to Thor Wingert*, Hopewell Boro, $33,000.

Mark S. Smith to Aubrey O. Fletcher*, Cumberland Vlly Twp., $209,900.

Brandon J. Borischak to Amber Marie Rush*, Napier Twp., $232,500.

Larry E. Wagner* to Lindall L. Wagner*, E. St. Clair Twp., $125,000.

Michelle L. White* to Michelle L. White*, Cumberland Vlly Twp., $1.

Michelle L. Whtie* to James S. White*, Cumberland Vlly Twp., $1.

Michelle L. White* to Michelle L. White*, Cumberland Vlly Twp., $1.

Charlene M. Shambach* to Bryan Richard Smith*, Bloomfield Twp., $100,000.

Amy E. Snyder* to Amy S. Snyder, S. Woodbury Twp., $1.

David E. Snyder to Amy S. Snyder* S. Woodbury Twp., $1.

Tammy L. Wiley* to Glenn K Anderson Jr.*, Bedford Twp., $150,000.

John H. Bush Jr. to Steven Allen Claycomb, Bloomfield Twp., $1.

Shirley D. Hilton* to Shirley D. Hilton Trust*, Monroe Twp., $1.

Joyce E. Musselman to John B. McElgin*, S. Woodbury Twp., $40,000.

Bradley C. Smith Benjamin T. Lee*, Hyndman Boro, $150,000.

Carl D. Siegel* to Randy C. Himes*, Hopewell Twp., $85,000.

Cathy L. Hafer* to Ethan M. Cessna, Bedford Twp., $254,000.

Shirley L. Collins to Lois Eby*, Monroe Twp., $9,000.

Robert Hinton Trust to Robert D. Carter*, E. St. Clair Twp., $1.

Jeffrey B. Martin* to Leslie A. Turkovich*, Bedford Boro, $325,000.

Ethel M. Ford to Ashley R. Hershberger*, Snake Spring Twp., $1.

Elisabeth M. McCallion to John G. Murphy*, Bedford Boro, $157,500.

Kristina S. Lear* to Kristina S. Lear, Broad Top Twp., $1.

Wayne Rice* to Wayne Rice*, Cumberland Vlly Twp., $1.

Donald Replogle Trust* to Donald Replogle Trust*, S. Woodbury Twp., $1.

Donald Replogle Trust* to Cindy L. Replogle*, S. Woodbury Twp., $200,000.

Diane L. Rinehart* to Christopher James Wilson, Bedford Twp., $167,000.

Mary C. Rowzer to Jessie Hess*, W. St. Clair Twp., $1.

Aaron L. Baughman to Katie M. Fleener*, Snake Spring Twp., $290,000.

B. Suzanne Diehl to Steven L. Griffith*, Napier Twp., $324,000.

Jody L. Lee* to Christine R. Kustaborder, W. Providence Twp., $1.

*and others

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