West Pa Properties LLC to Beatrice I. Folk, Londonderry Twp., $35,000.

M & T Bank to Michael L. Fisher, Bedford Boro, $55,511.

Sandra L. Barrett* to Deleo Games Inc., W. Providence Twp., $775,000.

Jason Shoffner* to Brian R. Acker, Kimmel Twp., $1.

Elizabeth P. Sams to Steven Brandl II*, Juniata Twp., $176,125.

Rickie Lee Sams to Robert Gardill, Juniata Twp., $130,000.

Jordene Gates to Ann Blacklock Bazetta*, Bedford Boro, $150,000.

Wendy S. Barkman* to Morgan J. McCahan*, E. Providence Twp., $1.

Wanda L. Beegle* to Joseph A. Beegle Jr., W. Providence Twp., $1.

Margaret S. Statler* to PPRM Limited Part., Bedford Twp., $1.

Phyllis M. Cottle* to Cathy S. Cottle*, Hopewell Twp., $1.

Jeffrey D. Detwiler* to Jennifer L. Fyock*, S. Woodbury Twp., $200,000.

Bedford Co. Dev Assoc to Bedford Co. Dev Assoc, Bedford Twp., $1.

Quad L. Trust to Derek B. Peck, E. Providence Twp., $120,000.

Jessica Heath* to Karen H. Umble*, Liberty Twp., $78,000.

Andrew E. Keefer* to Dawn M. Kuser,* Cumberland Vlly Twp., $157,000.

Brooke E. Sheeder* to John A. Garman Properties, W. Providence Twp., $150,000.

Ruth R. King* to Brion McMullen*, Monroe Twp., $170,000.

Kaley Wall* to Tina Guiney*, Bedford Twp., $175,000.

James Hutzell to Rodney Duane Hersh*, Hyndman Boro, $1.

Thomas Duwayne* to Michael S. Jamison*, Broad Top Twp., $1.

Jeffrie J. Harden to Jeffrie J. Harden, Londonderry Twp., $1.

Robert L. Callihan* to Lisa A. Callihan, Lincoln Twp., $1.

Lisa A. Callihan* to Robert L. Callihan, W. St. Clair Twp., $1.

Pearl P. Weaver to Brian E. Weaver, Saxton Boro, $1.

Pearl P. Weaver to Brian E. Weaver, Liberty Twp., $1.

Pearl P. Weaver to Brian E. Weaver, Saxton Boro, $1.

Tricia Clark* to Tricia Clark, Monroe Twp., $1.

Darla J. Greenley* to Altoona lst Savings, Bedford Twp., $1.

Amy J. Miller* to Amy J. Miller*, Napier Twp., $1.

Nancy Devilbiss* to Cindy A. Summers*, Mann Twp., $290.000.

Lori Ann Miller to Lexie J. Miller*, W. Providence Twp., $1.

Christina L. Sigler to Dale Sigler*, Colerain Twp., $1.

Ruth B. Walls* to Ruth A. Walls*, Hopewell Twp., $1.

Bailey Revocable Trust to Michael J. Whitfield, Napier Twp., $8,000.

Brenda S. Ringler* to Linda C. Smith*, Hyndman Boro, $1.

Brends S. Ringler* to Linda C. Smith*, Hyndman Boro, $1.

Laura M. Blackburn* to William Blackburn Jr.*, Napier Twp., $1.

Lola Carson* to Lola Carson*, W. St. Clair Twp., $1.

M. Jane Waybright to George R. Beckett Sr.*, King Twp., $3,000.

Ruth C. Clark* to Sara J. Segel, W. Providence Twp., $1.

Ruth C. Clark* to Rodney E. Clark, W. Providence Twp., $1.00

*and others

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