Todd M. May* to Derek J. Scritchfield*, Harrison Twp., $38,000.

Charles L. Barb II* to Marion Isner Jr., Cumberland Vlly Twp., $56,000.

Emily J. Lewis* to Stephen R. Imler*, Everett Boro, $100,000.

Nicholas S. Hizer* to John A. Manard*, Bedford Boro, $294,000.

Ann L. Bittner* to Nicholas S. Hizer*, Bedford Twp., $289,000.

Pamela Benton to Allen A. Defibaugh*, Harrison Twp., $103,000.

Tammy Lynn Taylor to Cheyenne Lape*, New Paris Boro, $40,000.

Felicia N. Barton to Harry S. Duvall*, E. St. Clair Twp., $200,000.

Maurice L. Weidner* to George L. Downey*, Kimmel Twp., $14,250.

Donald Hershberger II* to James G. McGarrahan*, Bedford Boro, $115,000.

James McGarrahan* to Paul E. McVicker*, Everett Boro, $60,000.

Samuel M. Beegle to Steven M. Beegle*, Juniata Twp., $1.

NES& L to Fin & Feather LLC King Twp., 195,000.

Lee F. Griffith Trust to Gregory M. Hays*, Bedford Boro, $250,000.

Leonard Losing* to Danielle Losin,g Napier Twp., $1.

Leonard F. Losing* to Danielle Losing, Napier Twp., $1.

Denise M. Ohler to Daniel B. Ritchey*, Napier Twp., $50,000.

Joseph H. Furry* to Derry J. Furry*, S. Woodbury Twp., $1.

Tax Claim Bureu of Bedford County to A3l Land Trust, Bedford Twp., $500.

Jason I. Martin* to John J. Mcmanis Jr.*, Harrison Twp., $228,500.

Margaret Sufczysnki to Sarah A. Hawkins*, Southampton Twp., $159,900.

Charles R. Nycum* to Russell Paul Nycum, Snake Spring Twp., $1.

Zane E. Michell* to Gregory B. Mitchell, Napier Twp., $1.

Steven S. Glick* to Russell L. Dick*, Bloomfield Twp., $310,000.

Josphine Finnegan to Cathy J. Cottle*, Broad Top Twp., $1.

James T. Shultz Jr. to Jonathan Lapp, Monroe Twp., $415,000.

Margaret C. Weaverling to Cory U. Thomas, Colerain Twp., $154,500.

Pamela J. Hoffman* to Frederick T. Gunning*, S. Woodbury Twp., $70,000.

Melvena Palko* to Melvena Polko, Broad Top Twp., $1.

Mark S. Smith to Michael L. Feather II, Broad Top Twp., $117,000.

Kristi A. Weigle* to Norman F. Martell*, Napier Twp., $185,000.

Frederick J. Archdeacon* to Zachery B. Meredith, Broad Top Twp., $46,000.

Tanya S. Fleegle to Matthew Smith*, W. St. Clair Twp., $3,500.

Steven K. Thompson* to Steven W. Thompson, Liberty Twp., $1.

Lauren E. Clark* to Lauren E. Clark*, Bedford Twp., $1.

George Kay Klages to M & G Realty Inc., Bedford Twp., $75,000.

LSF10 Master Part to Tony Gerber*, Hopewell Twp., $42,000.

Boyde D. Swindell* to David Zimmers*, Everett Boro, $93,000.

*and others

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