Amy L. Cowan* to Russell H. Kegg, E. St. Clair Twp., $1.

Michael A. Weaverling* to Lois J. Weaverling*, Hyndman Boro, $1.

Alvin D. Jackson to William J. Weber Jr.*, Mann Twp., $55,000.

Glenn D. Dice* to John Howard*, Monroe Twp., $50,000.

Jenny Burkett to Zachary Smouse, Kimmel Twp., $1.

Russell A. Wyles to Ron A. Wyles, Woodbury Twp., $1.

Bonnita D. Lundquist to Eric M. Detwiler*, Hopewell Twp., $1.

Bonnita D. Lundquist to Gary Lundquist, Hopewell Twp., $1.

David K. Stockdill* to David K. Stockdill*, Snake Spring Twp., $1.

Fred ThomasTust* to John R. Thomas*, S. Woodbury Twp., $180,000.

Rush D. Stigers Jr.* to Rush D. Stigers Jr.*, Hopewell Boro, $1.

Gary D. Cooper* to Jodi L. Swope*, E. Providence Twp., $120,000.

Edward W. Ference to Trust Christopher W. Dick*, Napier Twp., $1.

Rose K. Alexander to Thomas B. Alexander*, Mann Twp., $3,000.

Thomas B. Alexander* to Thomas B. Alexander*, Mann Twp., $1.

Gary W. Border* to Kenzie L. Coffman, W. Providence Twp., $127,000.

Albert L. Stone to Rachael Johnson*, Bedford Boro, $204,000.

Lewis Vichinsky to Kimberly Vichinsky, Napier Twp., $1.

Community Alliance Part to Samuel J. Johnson, Bedford Twp., $111,000.

Barry W. Baughman* to Robert L. Benson*, W. Providence Twp., $1.

Robert L. Benson* to Mark T. Lambert, W. Providence Twp., $88,000.

I. Harold Martin* to Justin J. Martin*, Liberty Twp., $1.

Justin J. Martin to Justin J. Martin*, Liberty Twp., $1.

William K. Mearkle* to Thomas W. McLemore*, Monroe Twp., $245,000.

Samuel Shope* to William E. Barkman*, S. Woodbury Twp., $119,000.

Dorothy M. Berry to Eddie C. Berry*, Napier Twp., $1.

Anan P. Statler* to Pa Turnpike Comm, Bedford Twp., $1.

Ruth S. Koontz* to Pa Turnpike Comm, Bedford Twp., $1.

Edward W. Blackburn to Matthew W. Harr*, Napier Twp., $240,000.

Nellie Lavely* to Dennis Casarcia, Bedford Twp., $15,000.

*and others

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