Florence M. Walter* to Jodi Sue Glass*, Kimmel Twp., $65,000.

Carole A. Tomayko to Jeffrey V. Januchowski*, Monroe Twp., $75,000.

Sandra K. Lenning* to James D. Eicher Jr., E. St. Clair Twp., $35,000.

Mary E. Markle to Jeffrey S. Feight*, E. Providence Twp., $64,900.

Mary E. Markle to Gregory A. Gracey Jr., E. Providence Twp., $1.

Superbird Realty Inc. to Randy Graver*, E. Providence Twp., $80,000.

Ronald C. Edwards* to Gregory C. Edwards*, Bedford Twp., $1.

Sharon Ann Fleck* to Linda M. Barnett, King Twp., $1.

Ronald E. Emerick* to Ronald E. Emerick*, Londonderry Twp., $1.

Ronald E. Emerick to Ronald E. Emerick*, Londonderry Twp., $1.

Gary L. Stoffer* to Daniel W. DeArment*, Bedford Twp., $85,000.

Walter M. Harr to Gail M. Harr, Lincoln Twp., $1.

Grayson Mallow to Jason L. Mallow, Southampton Twp., $1.

Lois J. Bussick to Amy Minnick, Saxton Boro, $1.

M. Douglas Lingsch to Marian P. Beene, Snake Spring Twp., $1.

Marian P. Beene to Kevin Cook*, Snake Spring Twp., $40,000.

Heritage Estates to Adam C. Cornell*, Juniata Twp., $17,500.

Carole A. Tomayko Trust to Ronald L. Ponsock*, Monroe Twp., $202,500.

Gene E. Gilpin* to Gene E. Gilpin*, E. St. Clair Twp., $1.

Russell A. Wylee to Ronald R. Wylee, Woodbury Twp., $1.

Ammon A. Martin* to Ammon Z. Martin*, Woodbury Twp., $1.

Ammon Z. Martin* to David Z. Martin*, Woodbury Twp., $1.

Ronald E. Shaffer to CBA Trust, Londonderry Twp., $1.

Jeanne Cowen* to Jeanne Cowen*, Kimmel Twp., $1.

Joyce W. Rose to Samuel Russell Rose*, Bedford Twp., $1.

Joe Leo Detwiler* to Jeffrey L. Detwiler, Bloomfield Twp., $1.

Candace M. Veldhuizen to Candace M. Veldhuizen*, Schellsburg Boro, $1.

Kevin D. Easter* to Kristina L. Cornell*, Bedford Twp., $173,000.

John P. Montgomery* to Kevin D. Easter*, Bedford Twp., $268,000.

Joseph R. Brown to Joseph R. Brown*, Hopewell Twp., $1.

Wanda Joyce Duffy to Housing Auth of Bedford Co., E. St. Clair Twp., $150,000.

Brent A. Turner* to Brent A. Turner*, Londonderry Twp., $1.

Virginia E. Schwartz to Hazel Blum, King Twp., $1.

David K. Mock to Hazel Blum, King Twp., $1.

Hazel Blum to Viriginia B. Worst*, King Twp., $1.

Evelyn J. Clingerman to Sloan C. Clingerman*, Mann Twp., $4,500.

*and others

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