The Bedford Area School District will look to approve some policy updates as well some potential class additions for the 2020-2021 school year at its voting meeting next week.

Assistant Superintendent Paul Ruhlman reviewed a policy update with the board at its agenda setting meeting Monday that would deal specifically with its members.

He explained that the policy addresses some of what happens when a board member resigns midway through a term and some of the aspects of when a replacement gets elected.

“It basically says if a person resigns in the last two years of their term, the person has to go through an election as long as the election occurs before the (November) election,” Ruhlman said.

He added that the district’s solicitor needs to clarify some things as he and Superintendent Allen Sell were still unclear on some things, including on how a person ends up in a primary election.

The board will also be voting on two half credit classes.

Fitness training would look to replace weight training and cardio fitness. This is due to the fact that the new weight equipment is all in one room now, and two classes are not needed.

The second class would be technology services. This would compensate the student technology team with credit for the work they do.

The board will also vote to approve:

—Moving Kayley Twigg from Step 8 to Step 9 on the bachelor’s scale, retroactive to her date of hire.

“I had analyzed Mrs. Twigg’s resume and ascertained that she be placed on Step 8 based on her years of experience as a certified teacher in Pennsylvania but having looked at where she was on Northern Bedford’s scale and having looked at what her duties were in previous jobs, I made a mistake,” Sell said. “There was a job on there where she was in a position of needing a certificate to be hired and she should’ve been on Step 9 so I’m asking that we make that correction.”

—The maternity leave for Mrs. Beth Toner, beginning approximately Jan. 30, and returning to work approximately April 20, utilizing paid and FMLA.

—The addition of Dr. Stephanie Itle-Clark, 432 S. Juliana St., Bedford, to the list of Pennsylvania certified substitute teachers for the Bedford Area School District for the 2019-2020 school year. She is certified in elementary education and mid-level English.

—The resignations of Elyse Murphy and Joanne Bortz from the General Elementary Committee.

—The resignation of Kevin Steele from all conditioning coach/assistant conditioning coach positions.

—Dustin Bellinger as a volunteer for the Mock Trial team, pending receipt of all required paperwork.

Contact Katie Smolen at 623-1151 ext. 110 or

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