Editor, Gazette:

Response to the Bedford Gazette 09-22-22 article on the BASD Board meeting. I preface this with the fact that all will tell you the future of education is not brick and mortar but Cyber and Charter.

Everyone should remember the $50 M spending proposal for the New football field, stadium and building renovations.This was cut short with only some building updates when Covid and the Biden Inflation monster hit us. They only spent about half the $50M.

A proposal was brought forward to look at the possibility of two schools going together in the district to see if combining efforts would make sense from a financial point of view and maybe enhance what facilities we could get for the money. Remember we now have 9% inflation and a Recession hitting us in the face.

Tom Bullington and Allen Sell immediately went on the negative rant about community pride and identitiy. They totally ignored the fact that inflation pressures have multiplied the original costs. Where are their heads. After 4 consecutive tax hikes they think the time is right to soak us again. And you know tax hike 5 is a given. We also know that Education is getting record revenues this year from the State and Fed. Government. With increased costs I would assume we are now around $75M in total costs. Or as Bullington sarcastically would call it, an investment! He immediately called for a roll call vote to kill the discussion! Clark, Koontz, and Bagely vote yes and all others no!!

It is amazing to me that we finally get 2 new school board members that get it, but are treated like outcasts when they mention ideas to decrease spending. And this was just an idea. I would love to see Bullington run his businesses this way. I am betting he, less arrogantly, squeezes every nickel and dime he can there!!

This project by all rights should be put on a ballot as a referendum for taxpayers to vote on. I have seen Mr. B quickly tell you that they don’t have to do that! They know very well that would be the right thing to do but they also know this would fail in a heartbeat. If anyone has not watched him bully meetings in person, you should go, if only for the entertainment value!

Donald Keller



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