There has been a new face at the Bedford and Hyndman Family Health Centers seeing patients and guiding the direction of the health centers.

Dr. Brian Stratta comes to the health center with a lengthy career in both practice and administration.

Stratta was born, raised and trained medically in Chicago at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine in 1984 and completed his residency at La Grange Hospital. He also had his own practice in Chicago Suburbs for 20 years.

He said around 2011 he got into administration and managed a medicaid/medicare company Illinois where he worked for several years before he went to work for a hospital group in Maryland. For the past three years before being hired by the health center, he was the associate medical director for Centene Corporation which he explained was an urgent care and workers compensation center.

He did both administrative work and patient care, he said, but started to look for another position a year ago because he felt like something was missing and he wanted to get back into primary care.

“I really kind of missed that full spectrum of care that we give to everybody over a period of time for a period of a lifetime. I really enjoy that. Especially when I was doing urgent care where, it was like, ‘Oh you had this problem and we’ll never see you again for that.’ I didn’t like that. I really enjoy taking care of people,” Stratta said.

According to Stratta, the opportunity to work at the health center was appealing to him because he could still do some administrative work and “help out and help out in terms of the office and the providers do the best quality care that we can deliver and still see patients.”

Stratta said driving quality of care has always been one thing that he’s focused on in his practice

“We want to take care of those issues whether it’s primary prevention so they don’t develop or whether they’re secondary prevention and the disease is there and we’re able to control these symptoms.”

Stratta said that while metrics are set by the government, he feels it should be something the providers are already doing.

“We don’t need the government to tell us to drive quality. We should be driving quality,” he said. “The providers should be driving quality.”

The medical officer said his goal in his first 30 days of working anywhere is to spend time building relationships. The time following that he spends looking at and getting to know what/if any problems are in the workplace and what needs to be improved upon.

“They’re not really problems just really opportunities to improve,” he said. “Things that they see that they always wanted to do and they just didn’t have time for or maybe just haven’t thought about it.”

CEO Bill Kurtycz said that Stratta is a “great addition” to the center’s medical team.

“...He brings a lot of talent and skill to the community, and with that being said, I believe that Brian hands down is . . . the best provider in Bedford County today,” he said.

Kurtycz said that when filling the position, the center went with someone who had a lot of experience and has been a medical director before.

“He has the ability and talent just to expand our services from primary care to dermatology to minor procedures within the office which will also make him a great mentor to our nurse practitioners that we have on staff,” he said. “He came in and hit the ground running and has already contributed to staff and the organization and contributed towards increasing our level of quality to becoming a center of excellence.”

Moving forward, Stratta said he intends to continue to increase quality care with patients.

“We want to be where families want to come in and bring their kids and themselves and know that they’re going to get the quality care that they deserve,” he said.

He and his fiance, Jen Marsh, live in Waynesboro, Maryland, with her 4-year-old granddaughter, Sevy. He has three adult children and three grandchildren.

Stratta is currently seeing new patients. The Hyndman Family Health Center can be reached at 842-3206 and the Bedford location can be reached at 263-5804.

Contact Katie Smolen at 623-1151 ext. 110 or

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