Tussey Mountain’s Colton Bishop gets the play call from Titans’ coach Anthony Sottasante in a 2019 game against Bellwood-Antis. Sottasante is leaving, reportedly to take a job at Mount Union

I was sad to learn at the end of last week that Tussey Mountain High School head football coach Anthony Sottasante is leaving his position after three successful years with the Titans.

What can I say about “Coach S” that hasn’t already been said by hundreds of people already? Plenty!

Here you have a man who came into an area he was not likely familiar with and people he was certainly not familiar with and told them he was going to run the local school district’s football program. Not only run it, but turn it around.

How many people were skeptical and shook their heads’ saying yeah right. Here’s a man we don’t even know nor know anything about and he make such claims.

Coach Sottesante came here with a vision of what a faltering Tussey Mountain football program could be and made it his own. He more than fulfilled his own vision, but created a vision of hope for not only players, but for parents and fans of the Tussey Mountain football program.

Coach S has always said himself that his efforts were not accomplished alone. He had many great people such as his players, coaching staff, administration and loyal fans behind him.

This is a man who took a struggling group of young and impressionable boys and made men out of them on the gridiron. His was not an easy task, but one he accepted with enthusiasm and vigor.

He led his players down many roads they might not have experienced otherwise without his fortitude, dedication and drive to succeed. Along those same paths, he instilled these traits on these young men that will allow them to succeed without him.

We will always be grateful for having Ciach S in our lives even if we were not one of his players or coaching comrades. He gave us all a sense of pride and resurrected the feeling that we were “Mighty Titans.”

You restored spirit within us, a spirit many of us had lost. You lit a fire, so to speak, under our football players to show them with team work and effort, they could reach attainable success.

Yes, Coach Sottasante, you will definitely be missed but not long forgotten. Thank you for coming into and being a part of our lives and community.

We wish you the best of luck and success in your future endeavors. Whatever they may be, we’re sure you will excel.

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