Editor, Gazette:

The “Property Tax Independence Act SB76” has officially been reintroduced into the Pa. State Senate. Prime sponsors this session are: Senators Folmer, Argall, Schwank, Yudichak, Scavello, Boscola, and Phillips-Hill: three Dems. and four Republicans (bi-partisan).

I am appealing to the Bedford County voters to show their support for this bill. With Gov. Wolf’s new budget proposal there is a renewed push for more spending on education. This is after a huge increase in last year’s budget for education spending! The “golden political promise” of better education we all know is a farce as most of the appropriated money goes to the underfunded pension system.

Bedford, in addition to the rest of the state, needs relief from the “at will” imposition of school property taxes. It is not fair to people who own property and pay taxes. School Boards can and do raise taxes totally at their discretion and tax payers have no vote or say in the matter. It is cruel to seniors being evicted from their homes when they cannot afford this tax.

Remember, only people owning property pay property tax for education. Others with kids ride along on our dollars. The following organizations and unions are Lobbying to kill this bill. The Pennsylvania Principals Association, the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units, the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators, the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials, the Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools, the Pennsylvania State Education Association, and the Pennsylvania School Boards Association who is supported by taxpayer dollars and part of the PSERS pension plan. They seemingly own several representatives and senators on this issue.

The following link from the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition will describe this in further detail (http://ptcc.us/solution.htm). Follow Facebook pages (Bedford County SB76 supporters, Pa. District 35 SB/HB76 Supporters) for updates on this issue.

I have been told by a former state senator that there is around 75-85 percent voter approval on this bill.

Call your state representative and senator and tell them to support SB/HB76: Rep. Jesse Topper, 717-787-7076; Rep. Carl Metzgar, 717-783-8756; Senator Wayne Langerholc, 717-787-5400.

Don Keller


Contact Elizabeth Coyle at ecoyle@bedfordgazette.com; 623-1151, ext. 105.

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