Editor, Gazette: 

In a recent letter in the Gazette (Sept. 5) I poised questions that I felt should be answered before we accept Mr. Nitty’s gesture to reassure we have nothing to fear from BLM and their employees. In the Sept 11 issue of the Gazette, Mr. Wehling sort of suggested I might be a “fear-monger” by that letter because I did not include anything about “love thy neighbor”, “love thy enemy” or being a “prince of peace”. In Matthew 23:13-16, Jesus did not include any of these because it did not fit the narrative He was declaring.

I am not trying to be a fear-monger, but a “declarer” of truth (Jesus said truth sets free) so people can be aware of potential danger. In November, 1941 the Japanese ambassadors were in Washington declaring to FDR and others that the Empire of Japan was not to be feared by the U.S. All the while their aircraft carriers were steaming toward Hawaii.

Another question that we should seek concerning the BLM and Nitty is, “Why Frank Nitty (not his real name) uses that pseudo-name? If people use pseudo-names such as, “Hercules”, “Samson”, “Benedict Arnold”, “Judas”, “Delilah” or other well-known historical figures, we know a little of what they are implying. Frank Nitty was a hit-man for Al Capone and the mob.

The people of Bedford County and surrounding areas are great people – peace loving and caring about each other and those not from this area – enjoying the benefits of country living, and they’d like to keep it that way.

Rev. John Geyer


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