Every day across the globe, bona fide news outlets use comic strips as a way to lighten a day with a little comedy, parody politicians and celebrities, or maybe provide some thoughtful insight to a topic of the day.

But popular cartoonist Wiley Miller took his own political beliefs too far in his Sunday cartoon. The Gazette runs Miller’s “Non Sequitur” six days a week but not on Sunday.

The comic offering on Feb. 10 was repugnant. As the Washington Post describes it, the strip opens with bears dressed up like Leonardo da Vinci holding a picture of a bear posed as the Virtuvian Man, da Vinci’s famous drawing of an unclothed man, sketched inside a design of circles and squares. If you’ve read “The Da Vinci Code,” you may be familiar with the sketch.

Miller’s block comic ends with a bear painting a Mona Lisa bear. They are characters in “Bearaissance,” and the reader is invited to color in the drawings.

But in the lower righthand corner is a semi-legible sentiment that appears to read, “Go -- — yourself Trump.” What it had to do with the cartoon itself, if anything, is not apparent.

Cartoonists are both artist and commentators that can add to discourse. The political cartoonist Gary Trudeau, who pens “Doonesbury,” is famous for his swipes at prominent figures, particularly Republicans, and has been blasted and praised for it.

But Miller’s offering Sunday, which he said in an apology was never intended for public consumption, was not worthy of any legitimate newspaper, including the Bedford Gazette.

We will pull the strip and replace it with another as soon as the contractor gives us an alternative comic.

Contact Elizabeth Coyle at ecoyle@bedfordgazette.com; 623-1151, ext. 105.


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