Editor, Gazette:

There is certainly much to comment on in recent times, not least the wanton destruction and looting of property by seeming anarchists hellbent on trying to divide the nation. In particular over the past few days however, we have also seen a ridiculous urge by some to deface and even remove statues.

There are two particular aspects here — firstly the claim that some statues have either Confederate connections and/or racial associations, but then secondly, why on earth is there this need to try and destroy history. Predictably for some, there can be historic events that are regarded as being unacceptable or wrong for some reason — but it is only from history that sometimes lessons are learned, without having to try and destroy the country’s heritage whether perceived right or wrong. Seems these days, being offended and ‘woke’ is the latest excuse to join the ‘cancel’ culture.

The First Amendment guarantees the right to assemble and protest about matters, but this is only acceptable when it is peaceful without violence and destruction. Perhaps the biggest thorn in the side is the fact that often a decision to burn, loot, or remove statues of figureheads is proposed by even just one individual or a relatively small group, who decide that just because they do not like something they can singularly embark on a mission of destruction. “Rent-a-mob” of course is often part of the scene — mayhem for mayhem’s sake.

The actors and the groups in question are sometimes significant in size but, and here’s the rub — no way do they (hopefully) represent anything approaching the national majority — which doesn’t get to vote about whether these actions are even chosen or supported. Perhaps I am being over optimistic, but like to think that the vast majority of regular upstanding patriots abhor what has been seen, whether arson, property damage, looting or the statues issue. Enough already, this is still America and the flag for which it stands.

Chris Beglin

Alum Bank

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