Editor, Gazette:

A $43 million dollar renovation for Bedford Area Schools addresses many needs the district has. Buildings do need to be repaired and renovated periodically, not just to keep them standing, but also for the safety of students and staff. Sports are also an integral part of the district. Not just for students but for the entire community.

My question is where is the funding for the arts in Bedford Area Schools? I would imagine a mere 1% of this budget, $430,000 dollars, to expand the art programs would be met with open arms by staff and students alike. Not everyone makes the football team and not everyone can paint a picture to make you smile and think. Students need sports but they also need to be able to express themselves through visual arts, music, and drama. For some this can lead to a career, for others an outlet to freely express themselves as they move through life.

My hope is that the board recognizes the value of the arts in the school district and will consider 1% of the budget to expand this necessary part of the curriculum at Bedford Area Schools.

Christi Bonello


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