Editor, Gazette:

The Democratic Legislature of New York passed the Reproductive Health Act. Governor Cuomo ordered the World Trade Center lit up in pink to celebrate. Cuomo said, “Today we are taking a giant step forward in the hard-fought battle to ensure a woman’s right...to access an abortion.”

Does this law really benefit women or does it benefit the abortion industry?

The legalization of abortion after 24 weeks increases abortion business. The stipulation that third trimester abortions should only take place for the health of the mother is extremely vague. Supreme Court precedent allows almost anything, including emotional health. Abortion clinics define health in ways that profit them.

The legalization of abortions performed by health practitioners other than doctors decreases costs for abortion clinics, increasing profits. It does not benefit women with qualified healthcare.

Abortion is removed entirely from the criminal code. No more criminal charges if an abortion provider were to botch an abortion or injure a woman. Abortion performed without the mother’s consent is removed from the criminal code. Accountability decreases doing nothing to protect women.

The decriminalization extends to an abusive man assaulting his pregnant partner. The loss of her baby is no longer a crime. A woman who has chosen life for her unborn child would see no criminal penalty for her abuser.

Is this law truly a protection for women? The abortion industry clearly benefits. In addition to the loss of the unborn, women are left more vulnerable than ever to a business disguised as healthcare.

Kim Donaldson

Buffalo Mills

Candidates don’t talk about benefits

Editor, Gazette:

Do candidates running for public office, ever mention the compensation benefits of the public office they’re seeking

Campaigning candidates I’ve listened to all promise how they will make all who vote for them happy satisfied citizens. Many people enter public service as volunteers without any compensation. In many instances, these unpaid volunteers are really your true patriots. The professional aspiring candidate never, but never, mentions their real aim.

It’s referred to as “The Benefit Package.” It contains a salary that comes directly from citizens whose taxes directly support that prize package. It contains a hefty early pension, a full family medical plan, full sick pay, a full paid vacation, all paid holidays and immunity from lay-offs. You’ll never ever hear a campaigning politician mention this.

Chances are you never will.

John K Coyle


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