To the Bedford and State Police Departments,

You can't hear us right now because of all the noise going on right now, but there are many of us who appreciate and support and thank you for your service. And we are thankful that when we call 911, we aren't put in tough with social workers (nothing against social workers). All this talk of defunding police reminds us of the Andy Griffith episode when Andy learned that funding was being reduced for the Mayberry Police, he told Barney this would mean his bullet being taken away. 

President Trump said that this will be the most important election ever, to which I agree. I am 84 years old, and I have never seen anything like this. It used to be when the one party won, it was accepted, and everyone went back to the polls four years later and did it all over again. But not now. They are saying the vote counting for this election may go on for months. I heard today the Democrats are hiring over 250 lawyers to contest the results of the election.

When you boil it all down it comes to this; do we want FREEDOM or a dictator? Do we want to be like China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela? The people who live in those countries would live to live in a democracy like ours while it seems we are moving in their direction. Some of the things we are hearing people say in this country sound like the things Castro was saying before he came into power.

Don't forget that in the Old Testament, God used a foreign country to chasten his people. Maybe we have some chastening coming after the 50 million babies we have killed.

Ron Lambert


Contact Will DeShong at; 623-1151, ext. 150.

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