Editor, Gazette:

This letter is in response to a Letter to the Editor, last week, where the author implied that there was no basis for concern over election fraud. I know a few Bedford County election workers, they seem to be exceptionally good people, others in the county probably are also. Does the author believe that all election workers, in the entire state, all have great integrity? If he does, he is delusional. He implies President Trump might commit election fraud, but apparently thinks no person in the state would do so.

I was reluctant to vote for Trump in the last election, but H.R.C. would have destroyed the country, so I had no choice. I have come to realize that there is probably no other person who could have withstood the onslaught of lies that the mainstream media (MSM) have told about him. IF the MSM was honest, and diligently reported what they should, President Trump would have an 80% approval rating, instead of what is indicated in the fraudulent polls that we currently see.

“By any means necessary” is a motto, and rallying cry of communists.

MSM claims there is almost no evidence of voter fraud. DAs that George Sorros, and other America Haters, have financed into office are not going to prosecute those who commit Election Fraud, that THEY support. Antifa members would be hailed as heroes, by many of their fellow communists in MSM if they commit massive election fraud. Comrades cheer when they throw Molotov Cocktails at Police Cars, destroy businesses, and assault innocent people. There would be adulation, beyond imagination, if their voter fraud defeats Trump. The MSM would say something like: we don’t completely approve (A LIE) of their tactics, but you have to be impressed that they succeeded and: “it had to be done, because “Orange Man Bad”.

Today’s MSM does EVERYTHING with the intent of getting Donald Trump removed from office, and/or, preventing his reelection. They will not report about election fraud.

The author is probably very well educated, just like many of the communist morons that are rioting in Seattle, Portland and other large cities. The MSM, nearly always says “mostly peaceful” while showing flames and explosions in the background. The communist mayors and governors, who are “running those cities/states” are well educated morons also.

I feel certain the vast majority of residents of Bedford County, realize that voting for Joe Biden, and the hideous ideology that would be ushered in with him, will destroy the country.

ALL of their votes will be worthless, IF the communists are allowed to commit massive voter fraud.

The lawsuit was filed against the State of PA, and all Counties in PA, not just Bedford County. They would have been accused of racism, and the suit would have been thrown out, if they had not included Bedford County in the suit.

Citizens of Bedford County, PLEASE VOTE and support efforts to prevent election fraud.

Joel William Koontz

Friends Cove

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