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It’s not that Judge Howsare or Professor Van Wyk are delusional about wanting mail-in voting or any other radical democrat talking point, they know exactly what they are espousing, anything to defeat Trump.

Mr. Howsare keeps claiming falsely that mail-in voting is safe.

Yesterday, additional examples of fraud and corruption were exposed. Pennsylvania absentee ballots for Trump, were found in a ditch. 1000’s of duplicate ballots were sent to Democrat strongholds in VA. Nevada distributed 294,000 ballots, unaccounted. Notice always Democrat governors and their judges keep changing mail-in laws, recently in Michigan allowing mail-in ballots weeks after Nov.3. Yesterday in Texas, democrat husband and wife operatives arrested for “ harvesting” ballots. Democrats keep pushing the mail-in limits, Howsare, VanWyk, and the liberal media excusing these acts. Forget previous rules. Defeat Trump, “end justifies the means”. Go to Walmart, stores, casinos, protestors can riot and destroy billions in property, but not safe to vote in person? It’s a charade.

Judge Howsare mentioned Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister as an example of President Trump’s rhetoric style. Howsare’s next breath, “I am not calling the President a Nazi”, typical progressive technique, “Bait and Switch”, lure the reader with inflammatory propaganda, in reality call Trump exactly what these progressives are themselves. In Mueller’s contrived Russian probe, an FBI agent on the Mueller team, under oath testifies, no evidence against Trump or General Flynn, but an atmosphere “get Trump” by any means possible. FBI agents actually bought professional liability insurance to protect themselves against this malfeasance.

Howsare implies that Trump is like Hitler’s henchmen, responsible for killing millions of Jews. But you didn’t infer that overtly did you? But, 100’s of democrat operatives and media types have--- really pathetic technique Judge.

I knew Mr. Van Wyk through the George W. Bush presidency as well Obama, never had one positive comment regarding Bush, and only praise for everything Obama, and now only worse with “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. Professor Van Wyk never had an original thought.

Education is corrupted and our college students are being “brainwashed”. Van Wyk is a classic reason, students having to stomach “this liberal crap”.

In conclusion, I continue to plead, vote in person. Don’t trust the Democrat operatives. Don’t succumb to the leftists lies. Our American way of life hangs in the balance, law and order, constitutional freedoms, gun rights, packing the Supreme Court, destroying the electoral college, defunding the police, adding territories as states, ( 6 new Democrat senators), total upheaval.

Finally, anyone honest with common sense, knows Biden is diminished mentally. Biden’s past 47 years in the D.C. swamp, is filled with lies, exaggerations, plagiarisms, and right out corruption. Recently exposed, Hunter Biden received 3 ½ million from the wife of the mayor of Moscow, besides every other corruption and favor for the Biden family from Ukraine and China, worth billions. Recently exposed, Joe Biden even lied about spending a year at predominantly black Delaware State College. No, Biden did not go to jail with Nelson Mandela.

Think about the consequences for America if President Trump is defeated.

Dr. Frank Cullen

Las Vegas, NV

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